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Chief Mate 11/2 Oral examination Surveyor: Captain Kaisar Ali

Candidate: Alistair Best Date: 04th December 2013

Time: 13:40 – 14:45

The following information is how I remember the exam, I may have missed out some questions, and I have deliberately not included my answers, only the questions as I remember them being asked; I hope that the information is of some use to you and for your preparations! Captain Ali is a very fair man, and when he wanted more information from my answer he prompted me to bring it all out. I tried wherever possible to answer his question directly and not to waffle on endlessly, my advice is avoid digging yourself any holes and just get straight to the point!

Introduction to the exam, he told me that I am a Chief Officer on a UK flagged vessel for all questions unless specifically otherwise instructed and that I should structure my answers as appropriate according to that information. Procedural check of documentation, chatted about my current vessel and areas of operation, we had a brief chat about the Malaysian region and Falkland Islands as we both had sailed in those waters, at this point it was just a chat and a nice introduction to the examination to calm my nerves.

How does ISM work on your ship?

Apart from ISM what is you main concern with joining a laid up vessel?

How would you check and correct for retentive error?

What is ACS? What are the duties of Chief Officer?

How does the PMS system operate on your ship?

What was an Enclosed Space? How would you prepare to enter?

What are the dangers of bulk cargos?

What information would you give to 2nd mate for discharging cargo in port?

Documentation required to carry various cargos?

What regulations require a rescue boat check?

How often is this done and who does this check?

What preparations would you make for Dry Dock and concerns?

What are the contents of the Stability book?

Fire Control Plan details?

What information is in the Fire Wallet?

What is a Seafarers Employment Agreement?

MLC 2006 what changes would you expect to see when you next join your vessel? (I told him nothing as we just had our MLC inspection) he moved on!

TSS- Wind veering in Northern Hemisphere, which semi-circle are you in?

ISPS code- (quite a lot of questions and detail on this subject) What is in a SSP?

When to exchange DOS?

How would the senior management team onboard decide a suitable drills/ training matrix for 2014, taking into account crew rotations?

Requirement for security drills (including if your SSP identified 9 different areas of threat) … take note he was after that you must drill for all eventualities every 3 months not just do the one drill required by law, but should practice enough drills to cover all potential threats! We had a detailed chat about how to ensure both crews cover the required drills training matrix as on my vessel we do 6 weeks on/ off with entire crew change

GMDSS what are the required daily, weekly and monthly checks?

Smarty board;

Pilot vessel less than 50m at anchor/ pilot vessel seen from astern

Vessel aground more than 50m

Restricted Vis; AB hears a fog signal forward of the beam, what are your actions?


You are CBD for all PDV crossing port side

RAM crossing port side

F/V Port side

A very detailed complete knowledge of towing vessels and towed vessels, all the arcs of visibility of lights and the day shapes

Buoyage; Region B- Outbound- Preferred channel to Starboard, move the vessel to the side you would pass

TSS; Who can be in Separation zone?

Maneuvering; Open Moor, current changing direction after paying out both anchors, which one will you pick up first and why?

Well done, you have reached the required standard to pass.

Having previously studied at both Glasgow College of Nautical Studies (as was) and South Shields I highly recommend GMA above all others. The lectures at GMA are straight to the point and contain all the information that you need for the oral exam. Should you attend every lesson and make use of all the virtual learning environment resources available, including reading all the material that the lecturer tells you and of course doing a lot of hard work, then it’s a 99% guaranteed pass. I would like to personally thank GMA and Vinil Gupta for once again guiding me to MCA Oral success at the first attempt, I look forward to returning for my Masters Unlimited after gaining my 18 months sea time!

Good luck to all.



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