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Allan Robinson
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Chief Mate Unlimited/Master<3000gt

Date: 4th December 2013

Time: 15:15 (1hr 10min)

Examiner: Kaiser Ali

Candidate: Allan Robinson

Vessel: Product Tankers

Result: Passed


May have missed a few things and may not be quite in the right order, but this is what I remember. Started around 10 minutes late, told me I was chief mate on my last vessel and the master is available if I wish to call him unless told otherwise. He then checked my documents had a discussion about my last couple of ships with regards to Trading area, Cargos etc


How I would go about loading my last ship?

What my duties are as chief officer?

What instructions would I give to the 2nd/3rd mates regarding loading?

Actions regarding a spill on deck?

Who would you report the spill to? Refer to SOPEP manual told him a few other things. Think I missed IMDG report. Said the captain would be doing the reporting, I would be leading the clean up on deck.

How does ISM affect me onboard?

How does your PMS system work?

Tell me about MLC 06? Gave him an outline of it, the 5 main topics covered and the certificates required.

How will MLC 06 affect me and what changes can I expect? Told him about S.E.A, Kept pushing me, He was looking for payment of wages on the S.E.A.

What is MARPOL annex 1?

What are the requirements regarding your area (cargo side)?

What do you log in oil record book?

Tell me about garbage management onboard? What can you discharge? Told him I was in a special area and give him what could go over the side?

What are the latest changes to MARPOL?

How would you check stability prior to Dry-docking?

How would you know you left the dock in the same condition you went in? Said I would fill the ballast tanks back to how they were when I arrived. Seemed simple.

Difference between angle of LOL and angle of list?

How I would correct an angle of LOL.

How often do you launch your lifeboat? Said 6 months. Then he said how often you lower it. I said 6 months. Thinking of controlled launch. He was actually looking for 3 months. Think I misunderstood the question.

You are going to do a Controlled launch of your freefall lifeboat? What are big 3 hazards/dangers of this? Told him wires parting launch mechanism failure and crew not being briefed properly beforehand. Think he liked the last one.

Tell me about the various parts of emergency towing arrangement? Told him I hadn’t actually seen one as my vessels aren’t required them due to their size.

How did ballast water management work onboard your vessel?

How was ISPS implemented onboard?

Who was the ship security officer?

When do I exchange a DOS?



Onto rules

Told me I was on a PDV unless told otherwise. Stuck a model PDV in-front of me. Then a tug and tow on my port side. Asked what day shapes if tow was more than 200m. What action I would take. Told him I would take a serious of compass bearings ascertain if risk of collision exists. He stopped me and said from now on you assume it exists for all situations. Then asked me what it would display if it was RAM tug and tow? What action would I take if it was on port side?


Then told me I was CBD. Gave me RAM crossing in open sea. Action?

Still CBD then fishing vessel crossing open sea?



Asked me what is safe speed in restricted visibility? Went into rule 6.

In restricted visibility you here a fog signal of vessel forward of your beam. Actions? Gave him last part of rule 19.

What can I go to port for in restricted visibility regarding vessels forward of my beam? Overtaking

What is scanty information? Said not having enough time. So would you take action after 2 plots on radar. Said no, need 3 plots.

What cant I do in restricted visibility? Back into rule 19.

Stuck one buoy in front of me. Preferred channel to STBD region B. What are the top marks/ light characteristics. Which side would I pass outbound? Just put the model on the side I’d pass.

Smarty board. Pilot vessel from astern and vessel aground over 50m.


Then said id passed. Had a chat for about 15 minutes after on the helms course and ship security. What my plans where etc. Thought the exam was fair and practical. I found him clear with his questioning especially regarding the rules part. Didn’t have any magnetic compass, weather or ship handling. I had a lot on cargo, practical questions regarding chief mate, mlc, marpol, ISM and ship security.


Thank you to Vinil Gupta and Glasgow Maritime Academy for their help.


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