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Experience; Cruise ships, Research Vessels and Off Shore Dive Support and Flexible Pipelay.

Q. You are joining your Pipelay vessel (British Register) but it is a new build just come out the ship yard in Japan. You are going to Australia via Singpore. Crew are joining and you will be sailing into 72 hours. Tell me everything you need to do as Master to get you ship and crew ready. This is the situation for the entire exam unless otherwise mentioned.

A. Talked for over 20 mins here, he never interjected he sat and took notes. This answer more or less covered most of the Sylabus and therefore he only asked a couple of futher questions.

Q. Tell me about your Masters Standing orders, what would you expect to see in the Chief Engineers Standing Order.

Q. You talked about motivating the crew, tell me how you could prove to the MCA that the crew are motivated.

Q. You mentioned MLC 2006 and its certificates. Other than this how would the owner be held to account to comply with MLC. He was looking for the fact the P&I will cover a large proportion of costs if the owners went bankrupt and as Master this is something you must check when joining?

Q. Tell me how you conduct your training drills what is included in them, how often and what precations as Master must you take. Went into enclosed space entry procedures. How would you identify who needed further training and how would you go about it?

Basic Rule of the road, all open water.

Buoyage only a couple of lights, shapes and top marks. What region are they.

Lights, Pilot vessel at anchor and seen from Astern, NUC, Vessel aground

When would you use an open moore, show me the procedure?

What 3 signs would you expect to see when experiencing Squat?

Your Chief Officer is unsure of the Anchoring procedure how would you brief him and what should he expect.

After this told me that I had passed, I messed up the fog signal for the vessel at anchor and gave it as aground. As he moved on to the next light I told him I had made a mistake and given him the wrong signal. I thought I might have failed at that point. He told me that he was happy to pass me at the end of the first Question and the fact that I had caught myself making the mistake he was happy to give it a pass. Vinil had asked me that question the week before in class and had mentioned how important it was to get of to a good start.

After the fisrt question he wasnt intersted in text book answers just wanted to talk about how you would manage the situation. It felt like a 2 way conversation rather than an interigation and was happy to lead you down the right road to what he wanted to hear. Very fair examiner.

Thanks to Vinal and the class, best of luck to future candidates.

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