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Orals Masters Unlimited

Examiner: Capt. G. Fletcher

Candidate: Kanaththa Kulatunga

Date: 06-Dec-2013

Time: 1030

Place: MCA Office, Glasgow

Duration: 1 Hour (1015 – 1115)


Multi Purpose Heavy Lift Dry Bulk Carriers/ Cape Size Bulk Carriers/ Pure Car Carrier


I arrived to place at 0930, staying down at stair waiting 30 minutes. I went to inside office at 1000. They asked if I am ready , I can get exam 15 minutes before the scheduled time . So exam started at 1015.

1. How do you carry out tentative swing?

I started from why does correct the compass. He would like to listen from the beginning. Then he asked how do you correct the azimuth ring? Direction of heeling error magnets when ship builds in River Clyde.

2. New 2nd Officer has come onboard. What do you ask new 2nd Officer about ECDIS.

His ECDIS Generic Certificate, Ship specific ECDIS type certificate, all limitations, how to plan voyage on ECDIS, look outside window, position plotting by bearing, manual route checking, zoom out gives false sense of distance. ECDIS Anomalies MGN 360, MIN 445 IHO ECDIS DPPC (Data Presentation and Performance Check) data set (which supplied by IHO on CD). I informed 2nd officer to use this CD and check the performances on ECDIS. This is very useful tool for ECDIS from 1st Jan 2009. If any anomalies report to IHO, MCA, ECDIS manufacture- for updating. I did this DPPC data check on paperless ECDIS onboard with 2nd mate when I was C/O. This was another very good practical question for me as I like ECDIS for safe use to make life easier.

3. Your ship is proceeding a voyage from UK to Canada. 2nd Officer reported WX fax shows bad weather.

Important points were heavy ballast, low sea suction for pumps, E/R manned, watches, Hours of Rest, secure deck, additional lashing for cargo, check lashings, hatch cover/gang was/LSA, FFA/anchors , inside accommodation, galley, E/R securing. Masters obligatory report as per SOLAS CH V. Speed reduction, alter course to minimize the effect of bad wx. Note protest and Extended Note Protest. Go to before Nortry Public with all evidences log books, weather records, check lists, reports etc. So it was a practical answer.

4. Your ship loading coal, you received TML and AML of cargo before loading, but now heavy rain and all coal under the rain. What would you do?

Stop loading. I called PandI club survey. Informed shipper to do another test for Actual Moisture Limit (AML). I informed Chief Mate to do AML test onboard as per IMSBC Code.

5. Loading Steel coils. Chief mate said rusted and he stopped loading. Action?

Call PandI club survey from owners side, call charters survey, shippers survey, receivers survey. I informed them I make a remarks on MR which should come to BL. Take photos with ID numbers. I informed C/O to make report in advanced to avoid last minute delays. He said shipper asked clean BL. I strongly tell him we can not give clean BL, you should enter all remarks on BL. If he needs Clean BL I ask my company what is in charter party agreement. Then he said ever body agreed to give clean BL. Then I take in writing statements from company, PandI, charters surveys and shipper with this issue mentioning all remarks in it to give clean BL.

6. Now ship’s flag change to UK flag. So what are your actions?

This should arrange by company well in advanced.

SSA, SSP, SMS, SMD proposals,

For ACS MSF 4257, MSF 5100

Flag issues Interim DOC/SMC/ISSC, Interim COI (AOI to class)

MLC 2006 to be completed by company. Talk about all 14 sections.

What are in SEA?

All Certification according to MLC 2006 – MLC/DMLC1 for Company/ DMLC2 for ship.

For Officers CEC/CRA UK, ENG1, ECDIS, HELM, GOC CEC , HI Voltage for Engineers, COC/CEC for Electro Technical Officer,.

For crew- Seafarer Deck/Engine watch keeping certificate, C/Cook Certi. , English language test cert.

Arrange dates for survey. Management meeting, divide tasks as per certificates.( not mentioned 1 by 1)

Stenciling new POR on hull at stern.

Class issues all statuary certificates, mention all including IMDG DOC, Grain LOA, IAFC

SOPEP, GMP, BWMP, LOADING MANUAL, CSM, Loadicator , SEEPM to be certified.

All ships plans to be change to new flag, just write new name of flag and stamped.


7. How do you know your ship comply MARPOL Annex Vi.

I talk about everything including SEEMP, EEDI record book , IEEC.

8. Now your ship is discharging cargo in port. Fire in galley. Action.

I explained all including calling fire fighters from shore. I try to manage this small fire using ships crew. We had CO2 system, portable fire extinguishers to galley. So I use portable extinguishers first if not flood CO2 and extinguish this galley fire.

I try to explain and talk as much as I can. So time also passed. He looked at the clock. He said now time to ROR and Bouyage.

Bouyage Region B, Against the direction, Heading 180⁰ gave me a big bulk carrier model. One bouy at a time kept on the table.

Esat Cardinal Mark

Starboard Hand lateral mark

Port hand lateral mark

Prefered Channel To Starboard (said you are going to preferred channel, arrow against, I confused!!!! I kept buoy on my Starboard Side. That is it.

Said I am on CBD in TSS PDV crossing from Stb. Bow.

Open sea I am on PDV, heard 5 short blasts and rapid blasts and phone rigging. Action?

I go to bridge. I can see Tug and Tow crossing from port bow no RAM signal.

I look outside from window and check radar. Is this the only target? Yes.

OOW followed my standing instructions. He is exactly correct. I trust my certified medically fit OOW.

Examiner: Do you take over the command? I said no, I ask him what is your next action.

Examiner: OOW said he will bold alteration to starboard. Then I satisfied with his answer.

Next open sea you are on PDV over taking to PDV on stb. Bow , risk of collision exist.

Restricted Visibility.

He gave me Green ship big model CBD. One target on Starboard bow , crossing, risk of collision exist, other target on Starboard quarter over taking risk of collision exist.


What fog signal can hear to other vessels from your ship. One long 2 short blasts at intervals of not more than 2 minutes.

What are other 2 ships actions on this situation.

He said that is All. You Passed.


I thank full to Capt. Gupta for proper guiding and lecturing.


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