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Mayur Awachar
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Chief Mate Unlimited/Master<3000gt

Date: 17th jan 2013

Time: 13:00

Examiner: Capt. Fletcher

Candidate: Mayur Awachar

Vessel: Chemical Tanker

Result: Passed


Reached at 12:40 waited outside, Capt Fletcher came out and lead me to the examination room.

Asked me what type of Vessel I sailed on,checked documents.

Confirmed I was to give Chie Mates Exam Unlimited.

Asked me to come near Magnetic Compass and asked You are on dead ship more than 5 months ,what checks will you carry on?

What is Deflection Error?

How do you correct for Retentive Error?

Where do you Place Hard Iron Magnetic Correctors?

You are a Chief Mate how do you go about carrying out External ISM Audit?

What is PMS?

What is Critical Equipment?

How do you maintain Critical PMS on board ?

What Critical PMS you have onboard?

What instructions will you give to your 3rd Mate regarding uses and precautions of ECDIS?

What is Datum Error?

What is the difference between ECDIS overlays and RADAR overlays and their reliability?

What does Lifting Equipments and Regulations say?

How do you test crain?

How Do you do 5 yearly test on Lifeboat?

Do you Lift up the Lifeboat with the weights inside it? NO

What is Angle of Lol and List?

You have joined the vessel in port and in your cabin sleepin,2nd Officer is on Cargo Watch and you hear a Fire Alarm, What are your Actions?

Vessel ran aground ,Actions?

What are the sound signals and day shape?

What is HSSC?

What is Dead Weight?

What Marpol affects your ship?

Can you throw anything outside? NO Except for whats mention in Marpol 5

What does Marpol 5 say?

Who was the Safe Officer on board your ship?

Duties of Safety Officer?



All Cardinal mark Buoys?identify and their lights?and how would you pass?

All Lateral mark buoys?Region A and B ?Lights and how would you pass?

I was a PDV until told.

Tug and tow from port side?

RAM Tug and tow from port side?

RAM Tug and tow from port side more than 200 mtrs?

CBD crossing from port side?

What are the sound signal and day shapes of CBD?



You are a CBD and RAM crossing from Port Side?

Fishing vessel in TSS crossing from Stbd?

Can she fish in traffic lane?

Can she fish in Seperation zone?

Res Vis.

Plot crossing from Stbd to Port , one overtaking from Stbd Quarter and you are a PDV?

Same plot as above and you are a CBD?


Finally sat and said you are Passed. Stamped it and congratulated me


Capt. Fletcher listens to the answers very patiently and pays attention, good if one is little cautious while answering. Overall a Fair Person.

Thanks to all who hepled me getting through.


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