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Kenneth Linwood
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Date       : 05th Feb 2014
Examiner: Simon Allitson,
Time       : 0900 hrs till 1010
Result     : PASSED - First attempt

  • Was placed on a new building, OSV, and was asked for all the required preparations to get the vessel ready for sailing on a passage from Italy to Brazil
  • What do I expect to see in Chief Engineers standing orders.
  • New certificate required by crew members re ISPS 
  • Master's ISM review, How and why done.
  • How does ISM work on board your ships
  • Marpol Annex 1 discharging criteria for engine room bilges in and outside special areas
  • How would I check Ch engineer's entries in ORB, Actions if discrepancies are found
  • Precautions during your voyage, what would you expect to find. He was looking for TRS 
  • TRS Southern Hemisphere, was asked to sketch it and how to manoeuvre in both sectors
  • Heavy weather damage, wheelhouse windows broken, water ingress in wheelhouse. What will you do
  • Mentioned temporary repairs for the above situation, and led me to say to proceed for port of refuge
  • Define port of refuge, what surveys to redo to get your vessel back in class and sail out.
  • No Class surveyor available. Actions 
  • Port of refuge is non ISPS Compliant, actions and precautions.
  • ACS, what surveys are carried out by MCA / class
  • Contents of DOS, when should it be exchanged
  • Security measures in port. What will you do if the hours of rest are compromised. (said will employ security from shore)
  • 2nd officer being bullied by Chief Officer. Actions ( Led into Merchant Navy Code of Conduct)
  • Gross misconduct examples 
  • Chief officer discharged because he is causing too much problems on board. How to go about sailing with one member short.
  • Legal way to go about sacking your Chief Officer.
  • Explain in your own words, giving examples, Rule 2
  • Put me in TSS and asked can rule 9 apply in tss
  • Define Impeding passage and safe passage giving examples
  • Gave me 3 situations in a TSS, quite straight forward
  • When can you use a separation zone.
  • Radar plotting 2 plots ( all magnets he used were black except for the W, and asked him to clarify)
  • Smarty board: F/V stopped with gear extending, V/l less than 50 mtrs aground, CBD, Tug pushing ahead less than 50mtrs as seen fm stbd side.
  • He wanted type, size, nav status, day signals, fog signals. Didn't ask for action.
  • Bouyage, Safe water mark, Preferred channel Mark region B, Lateral mark (port) region A, New wreck marker bouy.  
Basically that's all I can remember, hope this report will be of good use to future candidates. Wish you all the best of luck!

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