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Course : Masters orals 

Date : 5th February 2014 Paisely Glasgow

Course attended : Glasgow Maritime Academy

Examiner : Capt.Simon Alectson

Time : 1330 hrs - 1500 hrs

Result : Passed

Following were the questions asked during oral exam centre at Paisley Glasgow

1.Speak about Masters standing orders in detail

2.Magnetic compass - Heeling error .How do you carry out Tentative swing.Tell me about Deflection and retained magnetism

3.New ship flagged in by the company.Tell me how MLC effects this ship.

4.He then told me to explain more about MLC then comparing ILO 178.Any new things in MLC 2006 .

5.He then want me to explain all the MLC 2006 points in detail.

6.Tell me regarding Young persons employment on ships and their all criteria.

7.Crew signing on proceedures in detail .explain.How do you go about it  as Master

8.He then put me on Ro-Ro Passenger ferries as Master.Tell me as Master what all checks you do after joining.Consider you already taken over the vessel

9.Explain about the certificates required for Ro Ro passenger ferries.

10.Expalin about the stability requirements on Ro Ro passenger ferries.

11.You are in U.K.port.ISM audit is going on Surveyor checks the lifeboat davit and found not working.MNC given.Action .

12.In A 3 area.Second mate calls you at 0130hrs and tells you that  he saw a distress alert on DSC as well as on VHF.actions

13.Explain all the actions you will take in this situation.Then after rescuing what are the formalities.There is also heavy weather in that area.How do you launch the lifeboat in this weather.Proceedures.Whom all you will contact.Explain in detail all the proceedures.Went through IAMSAR and SAR proceedures .

14.He then went through a lot of ISM ship board proceedures regarding Safety Environmental and Routine job proceedures also on SMS.

15.Went through in general about Surveys and about Classification society.


1.Please explain RULE - 08. ( a,b,c,d,e,and f ( i,ii,iii.) with an example for each in your words.

2.Please Quote RULE - 02.Then explain with some situations.

3.Explain in general Rule - 10.


1.Gave a ship model tide from behind.Wind from starboard side around midship.Told me to manouver the ship in narrow channel and take to dock for berthing.Single screw right handed.No tug.No bow thruster.

Restricted visibilty.

1.You are centre of radar and three vessels around you.actions.also have to tell what other vessels will do after own vessel have taken action.

Smarty boards.

1.Submerged object less than 25m breath.

2.Pilot vessel at anchor

3.Dredger at anchor

4.Fishing vessel shooting nets

5.Trawler underway and stopped


1.Identification of buoys in Region - B.

2.He then gave me South cardinal buoy .Explain all characterstics.Then asked me if you are heading on westerly course, which side you pass.

It was very long session.Thats all.He then smiled,got up from the chair came to me shook hands  and said.


Thanks to almighty and to staff of GMA,Mr.Vinil gupta and Abigil.




For all the questions above he gave me two ship have to explain using those ship models.

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