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Name           :Ramkumar

Vessel Type :VLCC

Surveyor       : Capt. Simon

Time : 1515 - 1640

Entered MCA office 30 mins before. He checked all certificates. He told that all my answer should be as Master on UK flagged vessel. He was stressing this point.He told me to clarify if i dont understand any of his question.


He asked me about my last vessel. He was taking notes of all information.


1) Asked me that im joining a tanker and will be the joining procedure?

2) What entries you will make in official log book regarding take over ?

3) What will you do with completed official log book? Send to RSS

4) During handing over you find GMDSS log book not updated as required action?

5) What all entries you expect to be entered in GMDSS log book?

6)What will be your Standing instruction in detail?

7) When do you want your officer to call you?

8) What do you expect to be in C/E standing orders ?

9) C/E when does he is required to be called by his engineers ?

10) After taking over 3 crew come to you and complain about food? Actions? Inspections?

11) Half the people affected by Food poison . Vomiting and sick? Actions?

12) If you are deviating a port for the above situation ? Whom all you will contact?

13) What documents you will prepare when going to port of refugee and whom all you will inform?

14) Engine room fire at open sea?

15) Difference between towage and Salvage ?

16) Explain about LOF ?

17) Berthing VLCC with tide following you with 2 tugs at your disposal. Berthing alongside?

18) ROR situation. Im CBD , RAM tug and tow more than 200m crossing from Port to Stbd and PDV crossing from Stbd?

19) Navigation in Ice?

20) Restricted visibility situation...


Atlast i Passed. Thanks to GMA. Whatever being taught in college is more than enough. Thanks to Capt.Vinil Gupta.

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