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Chief mate unlimited (2nd attempt)

15th August 2014

Matthew Finn examined by Captain Fletcher

Paisley Marine Office

Result : PASS!

Duration: 34 minutes

Ship Type: Container vessels but also served as a rating on bunkering tankers.


Invited me into the room and asked me to make myself comfortable. Handed over all my relevant documents and he wrote some details down.

Had my old NOE from my previous attempt and asked me what I had failed on with Captain Milner back in June. I said Ballast tank condition working in ice, cracks in a ballast tank and ROR (CBD overtaking an ordinary power driven vessel).

Captain Fletcher immediately put me at ease and was very calm and relaxed. Straight away when he asked me where I went wrong last time I told him and told him my corrected actions? I did admit openly that I had made silly mistakes in the previous orals.

He said to me you have obviously done your homework on them subjects so we will not ask many more about it.

May seem like a lot of questions but it was all very quick once Captain Fletcher knew you were strong on that subject he moved stopped you and moved on.

Had a quick chat about my last ship and then into it.

1) You join your last vessel as Chief Mate. What documents do you take with you and hand over to Captain when signing on? (Easy as my portfolio was open in front of him with all my documents)


2) As Master how would you sign a crew member onboard your ship? (Told him including SEA and this lead onto MLC)



3) What do you know about MLC? (Told him everything until he stopped me)


4) Who is the Security Officer on your last ship?

5) What certification do you as Security Officer need and what security certification does a rating need? (Ships Security Officers Certificate and for a rating Ship Security Awareness Course Certificate)


6) What changes are there to STCW? (I named three quickly and he stopped me)



7) What is a citadel? (Told him everything about my last vessel citadel)


8) Picked up a model and put it on top of a plastic ruler and said your vessel is aground on a sand bank.

What actions would you take as Chief Officer in this situation?


9) How would you refloat?


10) In the event of your refloating not been successful what would be your next actions as Master? (Assistance from tugs/ salvage)



11) What is the emergency towing arrangement on your last vessel? (Smit Bracket fitted in Nov 2011 and mandatory on my previous vessel by Jan 2012).


12) Moved the model next to the ruler and said you are in port. How do you load your previous vessel? (4 quick points and he stopped me)



13) You are chief officer and fire alarm rings at 0200. What would be your actions as Chief Officer? (I mentioned it all quite quickly and looking back at it not much depth to my answer either but he was happy)


14) Do you have a crane onboard?



15) Tell how me in relation to the LOLER Regulations how you would maintain it?


16) How often do you proof load test the lifeboat davits? (every 5 years)



17) How do you go about doing this proof load test on lifeboat davits? (Went quick and in depth with this one and got as far as hoisting the boat back up and he stopped me)

Now time for buoyage

1) Put a model in front of me and a safe water mark and asked me about the buoy and move the model as if I was steering past it for real. (with the flow)

2) Same again for region B port hand buoy (against the flow)

3) Same again for a region A starboard hand buoy (against the flow)


4) Same again for a port hand special mark (with the flow) and told him about special marks

5) Same again for a west cardinal mark and which side I would pass heading on a course of 180.

Moving onto ROR

1) Put a normal power driven vessel in front of me and a tug and tow from port side at an angle where he was crossing. Not me overtaking. Actions? Also Actions if he does give way and you have to take actions?

2) An ordinary vessel crossing from starboard side. My actions.


3) Power driven underway and making way fog signal?

4) A RAM at anchor what fog signal does it sound?


5) TSS – Put me as normal power driven vessel and a ship has overtaken me on my starboard side and taken up a position on my stbd bow. That same vessel has also reached the end of the lane and wants to alter course to port across your bow. Do you find this acceptable?

6) Your action in the event of that ship doing that alteration of course?

7) Fishing vessel crossing from stbd to port in a TSS? Action? What is the fog signal of the FV?


8) Narrow channel. Put me as a CBD and a NUC is crossing a narrow channel. Your actions?

9) Overtaking in a narrow channel. How would you do it? What sound signals would you sound?


10) Rule 19. 3 plots. One on port and stbd bow. The other on my stbd quarter.

Asked me what each vessel was doing. It was obvious the only action was to slow down.

Asked me what each other the others vessels should do as well. One of the target’s been same course and speed on my port bow so remembering to think about the magnets.



Captain Fletcher said I think I have heard enough to say that you have passed.


Many thanks to everyone at GMA and the lads from the course back in May.

Thank you to Vinyl on being very helpful. Hope GMA continues to grow and grow and achieve even more success.














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