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shashank tyagi
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04th of Sept 2014

Paisley marine office

Examiner- Capt Fletcher

Second attempt/ DURATION 40 MINS

1. After having gone through my docs he chatted for a while about kind of vessels i have sailed on, went through my resit NOE, said MASTERS UNLIMITED/ REG ....  RESIT looked into my eyes for a second as if letting me know how it feels to screw an already screwed up candidate and straight away started with Magnetic compass, HOW WOULD YOU GO ABOUT A TENTATIVE SWING AS A MASTER, topic i had good grip on. Started with usual BTM crap in detail and kept telling him every minute detail, I would say I tried my level best to impress him right in the begining and I think it worked. That was perhaps the only answer he listened to fully.


Again started with expectation that my officers would be generic and type specific trained, ECDIS anomalies, software, hardware, datum, sensors, due corrections and latest updates, no dedicated menu for plotting visual bearings. He prompted there and asked DO ALL EQUIPMENTS HAVE THAT LIMITATION, I said no and it's equipment specific and I would expect my officers to be aware of that fact. He then stopped me there.

3. YOU ARE TAKING OVER A NEW VESSEL AS MASTER IN A COMPANY YOU ARE ALREADY SAILING, HOW WOULD YOU GO ABOUT OBTAINING ISM CERTIFICATION, PROCEDURE HE MEANT. Again started with initial assumption that my company already has DOC for that type of vessel, he said yes for an oil tanker. Safety meeting, safety fam, initial paperwork, SMS in place, interim SMC............ 3-6 months, objective evidence collection and he stopped me.

4. LIKEWISE YOU WOULD ALSO NEED TO HAVE ISSC, Again commenced answering SSA, 21 days, SSP, 21 days, to and fro amendments, drill within 5 days, Security fam of all, SSAS test report to MCA and CSO's written confirmation to MCA, interim ISSC........ 3-6 months and again he stopped me.

5. THERE IS SOMETHING CALLED MLC YOU HAVE NOW A DAYS. HOW WILL YOUR OWNERS GO ABOUT OBTAINING CERTIFICATION. Mentioned that MLC has 5 titles and 14 points sub titled and I asked him if he wanted me to tell him about all that to which he said no. I then said that MLC gives guidance to owners as to how their flag has interpreted the requirements of the convention and in DMLC 2 they are to mention measures taken by them against those requirements. DMLC 2, MCA happy, approval, DMLC 1, MLC and he stopped me.

6.YOU ARE AN INDIAN MASTER WITH INDIAN COC, CAN YOU JOIN UK SHIP. Again strategic/ non strategic ships, UKLAP 1......... WHAT KIND OF ORLAS DO YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH, open book.... UK regs only........ mentioned that i have gone through UK masters guide while preparing for exams and that must be the ideal publication to refer to, again since i praised a UK baby he became happy. He said that IF I HAVE TO JOIN A NORWEGIAN SHIP THEN HE WOULD HAVE TO BE AWARE OF NORWAY REGS, I AM NOT SURE IF INDIAN DEPT WILL EMPLOY ME THOUGH, he said in an amusing manner to which i said to myself, mr. Tyagi just hold onto your horses with ROR and emergencies and it seems to be a four stripes conviction issue.

7. PHILIPINO AB JOINING, ENG 1 EQUIVALENT, HOW WOULD YOU KNOW IT IS APPROVED BY MCA. Placement agency........ certs...., OTHER DOCS....... he was looking for ABLE BODIED SEAMAN DECK  rank to be mentioned on SEA. Also he wanted to hear about PDSD to which he said that SHIPS OF YOUR KIND WITH NOT TOO MANY HANDS YOU ARE REQUIRED TO PUT EVERYONE ON DUTY. I took him to GOA and killed few minutes delibrately showing off concern and practice.

8. INDIAN 2ND MATE JOINING WITH INDIAN COC............ CRA/ CEC/ SSO/ GOC MGN 221/1815/1821 CDC/134  ....... kept mentioning about MGN over n over again

9. YOUR SECOND MATE COMES WITH A WEATHER REPORT OF FORCE 9. Again started with BTM involving CE and Bosun, went on with every detailed bit highlighting everyone's duties seperately (same way i approached the tentative swing bit and I think he got immpressed with the way i kept delegating duties). For self i stressed on the fact that even after having obtained the weather routeing advise, I will be responsible for the vsl's safety. Another answer he listened to in full.

10. NOW YOUR REPORT TELLS YOU BF9 WHERELSE YOU ARE EXPERIENCING BF11. SOLAS chap 5, reg 31 obligatory report, contents and parties to send.

11. OK NOW YOU HAVE MADE MODIFICATIONS TO YOUR PP, WHAT IMPLICATIONS WILL IT HAVE ON YOUR CHARTER PARTY UNDER VOYAGE CHARTER. Started with voyage charter criteria, not obliged to keep charter party speed so long as weather is heavy, logs kept and objective evidence available for scrutiny to which he said in a cheeky manner, YOU WILL ALWAYS LOG ABOVE BF6.

12. AND WHAT ELSE HE SAID in context with VOYAGE DEVIATION. Sea protest, note protest and he stopped me.

13. YOU ARE APPROACHING A TANKER BERTH AND RUN AGROUND 12 NM FROM TERMINAL ON A SAND BANK. I started with assumption that i have the CON, stop engines, alarm, head count, any casualities, AIS, VDR, aground signal (took my sweet time while answering giving him an impression that i took grounding for granted) DSC alert, MAYDAY VHF call since it might lead to any eventuality, fire or pollution, he seemed impressed with my way of convincing him. Local soundings and remote alarms for both CE and CO. CO stability calculations, intact and damaged stab, online stress monitor if available, high suction C/O, FWG stopping, SOPEP initiated, lookout for oil slicks, hand leadline, log keeping,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, calling shore competent authority for assistance with oil booms, and reporting to end. One more answer he listened to in full.

14. BUOYS- WEST cardinal heading south heading, top mark lights, where wud u leave it

EMERGENCY WRECK BUOY, topmark, light, appearance, he then asked CAN YOUR EQUIPMENT CORRECTION PROVIDER SEND THIS BUOY AS A CORRECTION WHEN IT ACTUALLY DOES NOT PHYSICALLY EXIST AT SEA. I understood the question but didn't have a clue so meekingly appeared confused and said that 'i am not following you' in an attempt not to spoil the sport, he carried on.


15. ROR.... NARROW CHANNEL, YOU ARE A PDV WHICH CAN SAFELY NAVIGATE ONLY WITHIN THAT CAHNNEL, WILL YOU SHOW CYLINDER.. I said.... repeating his question in part and said yes since CAN ONLY SAFELY NAVIGATE... NOW SAME SITUATION TOWING RAM CROSSING WITH SUFFICIENT DRAFT FOR MANOEUVRING... ACTION....... stand on initially, 5 short blast as caution, but keeping his condition in mind as a prudent master I would almost immediately slow down (vinil's way of framing answer) mentioned concrete bits of RULE 2

SAME TOWING RAM, YOU ARE IN TSS W/O CYLINDER, 1 short balst n starboard

YOU ARE A PDV, NUC OVERTAKING WITH RISK OF COLLISION.... same approach as first ROR question, stand on/ 5 SHORT BLASTS/ RULE 2.... starboard alteration keeping her condition in mind..

HE TURNED AROUND, SLOWLY SAT IN HIS CHAIR AND SAID MR. TYAGI (looking at the my NOE since i have a little weird and difficult surname for brits) YOU HAVE PASSED, i said thanks and that thats the second favour you have done to me to which he looked at me said HOW to which i replied that you gave me my mates as well.

SO ALL SET FOR BECOMING MASTER, I said no since very difficult on tankers now a days owing to matrix and said thanks in my heart as well.

I tried my best to start every answer with strongest points i was aware of in a calm and composed manner initially and within 10-15 minutes it kind of became a routine. Thereafter he would just pick bits and pieces( luckily i cracked them all ) from my coffer feeling I was sufficiently prepared and I kept on mentioning theory and practice at my will. I think he got convinced with the initial 3-4 questions and that's it.

Also i mentioned various M notices, college tutorials and study material (in specific) i refered to while answering, I am not sure weather it will help others but it did seem to benefit me.

Special thanks to GMA, Capt Vinil and my classmates. Dhiraj Kadiyan's help was immense i must say.

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