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Steve Farrell


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11.02.2015 Belfast





Joining ship for the 1st time - 85m bulk carrier:


* pre-joining briefing from company

* well rested

* safety familiarisation



Went through the whole process of handover from outgoing skipper & familiarising myself with the ship; speaking to deck team & engineers; walk around ship; pre-joining stuff as per MLC.



Took off on a wander talking about the Bourbon Dolphin - inexperienced lads joining a new ship with minimal handover. Worth remembering for offshore guys - takes you into familiar territory.



New 2/O & 17yr old deck trainee join:


* required certs

* CoC; CeC; CRA

* HoR for 17yr old



Talked about certs which ones would be different for the 17yr old - medical for 1yr (apparently the new medicals have “MLC compliant” or something stamped on them).



HoR - wanted to know rules on work hours for U18s & when they can be broken - emergencies & training (eg. watch keeping @ night).



Loading steel coils & iron ore:


* C/O new to rank - advice?



Shipper’s note - info required before loading; IMSBC Code; hazards of loading & carrying iron ore.


Chat about liquefaction; bang test; angle of repose.


Amended mate’s receipts - shipper wanted clean BoL, can I give it? Shipper putting the squeeze on, told him I’d tell the shipper to ram it, or something along those lines.



Security threat:


* port to level 2 - actions?



Suggested possibly getting security guards, mentioned DoS - quick chat about that then we moved on.



Loadline & SAFCON:


* actions before surveyor came



Talked about C/O & C/E checking everything as per CoA for LL.


SAFCON - forgot windlass.





* purpose

* how to verify it is being followed

* accommodation inspection



ISM - wanted to hear “random sampling” - dipping into PMS & selecting one thing to check.


Accom inspection - wanted to hear general welfare of crew, cultural differences etc.


Bridge procedures:


* instructions to 2/O on ECDIS setup

* standing orders & orders for anchor watch for new 3/O



Wanted me to throw BPG @ 3/O - other than that pretty straight forward.





* onshore wind

* tide up chuff

* no pilot or tugs

* pre-departure briefing & checks all done



He wanted the manoeuvre - double up & spring off, back out.


I launched into it without asking about prop - assumed RHC fixed. It was, but should have asked.


Asked about how I’d use the tide & wind.



Then talked about anchoring in a tight anchorage, minimal current & trade winds - chosen anchor procedure?



Suggested either running moor or Mediterranean moor - benefits of each?



Buoyed channel, fjord outbound:


* Rule 9



Skimmed over Rule 9, sound signals etc - obscured bend



Voyage of disaster:


* head on with other ship in dredged channel - interaction, orders to helmsman

* ship run aground in falling tide - actions; lights & signals?

* cargo shift in bad weather - actions?

* WIS alarm in focal store in bad weather @ night

* burning ferry, lost liferaft full of people - OSC



Quick chat about interaction, then ran ship aground.


Full emergency procedures, call tug - get tug to lean on stern to stop drifting off & opening bottom.



Wants to hear W/T doors & company Emergency Guidance Manual or similar.



WIS - wanted me to turn on lights & check if focal store door swinging open - it was.


This became a chat about RA (for sending men on deck) & amendments to the SMS.



OSC - wanted me to call other vessels in to help search for liferaft - I had to stay with ship.


IAMSAR 3 & search patterns - pattern I would choose.






Finished off with a chat about anchor handling & the pros & cons of back to back crews - Teamwork & familiarity vs.complacency.





Can’t remember being asked anything else, but to be honest it’s all a bit of a blur.


Carlisle’s a decent enough chap & seems to inhabit the same universe as the rest of us, not some batshit mental MCA parallel plane of existence. He nudged me along to get to the answer he wanted on a couple of occasions.


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