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Steven McDowall



10:30 – 11:30

1st Attempt, Pass


Examiner Captain Jackson


Arrived 15 minutes early and had a walk around the car park to calm the nerves, then went in.


Sat in the waiting room, waiting for the candidate before me to finish. Then it was me....


Ushered into a small office and was informed I was having a ISPS audit today, list all certificates and supporting documents I would expect to be looked at. I wrote down a list of about 18 items, on his return he asked.


Asked about last ship


ISPS drill, how often, looked for 3 month and 25% crew change

DOS When would you use it, I mentioned that on arrival I had noticed Tynedock were at Heightened so if my vessel was docking today I would use a DOS as we are leve1. Gave a few other reason and he moved on.

CSO What is his responsibilities

Who sets the level in the UK.

Last 10 ports what’s the reason for this mentioned a record for the level maintained at each port.

Testing and calibration of equipment.


SMD What is it, how is it issued master obligation, UMS endorsement.

ISM/SMC How do you know if its working onboard.

Master responsibilities, periodical check.

What changed in Jan 2015, mentioned company responsible to ensure vessel manned to encompass all eventualities.


MLC 2006 Explain purpose. How would you sign someone on. There is an M Notice on this, you still have to keep a crew list but MCA no longer produce this for you, but they have guidance on the Notice of the type of format they would like. Also a separate one for under 18.

The vessel I work on has a mixture of seafarers and non seafarers, what minimum certification they would be required to have, and HORs



He asked about changes in Manilla Amendments and in particular the new Able Seafarer Deck V 5 Qualification, what this meant. I mentioned that the previous ILO Convention (74) for this had been transferred to IMO, and that this was now a new qualification with national recognition. I had just read about this about 48hrs before.



Dangerous Goods DOC, additional FFA /LSA DOC survey and when.


ECA what is it and what recent changes, how would I know vessel complies. ORB information


Fire in Engine Room, type of fixed system we have (water mist & how it works)for those at GMA use SPARRC it works !!!


Crane test (LOLER & MGN 332) talked a while about this.


Crew member injured during lifting operations Helicopter Operations, medical advice, preps for heli ops onboard, reporting afterwards (incident report) MAIB also for my line of work HSE RIDDOR


Masters Standing orders

When would you expect to be called.

Duties of OOW & lookout

Radar blind spots. Sea stabilised Ground stabilised, AIS overlay limits of AIS.


Restricted Vis Gave me a laminated radar plot 6 mile range relative tracks for 6 vessels information supplied, your actions and their actions. Left the room for a few minutes and came back and asked for an explanation for each vessel and my actions.


That was it put down my NOE and told me I had passed. It doesn,t look much but we went into detail on each subject. Captain Jackson seems to let you talk until he hears all the information he is looking for. So keep talking until he moves you on to something else.


Thanks to Vinal at GMA and good luck to everyone still waiting to go up.







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