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I had the same examiner from Caithness that took my OOW unlimited oral last Sept. As such, I believe he missed out some questions as he already assumed I was proficient to a certain level. That was a double edge sword though as he concentrated more on the theory and the business/law side of the syllabus.

Like my last oral exam, I always felt that it was a discussion between marine professionals, rather than having to quote rules and regs in a chronological order by rote. Fully aware that the slightest mistake means failure.

It didn’t start well. The day I mean. The fucking taxi driver had no idea where to go. His SatNav didn’t work, so I got it up on my phone, he had a quick glance and said ‘’Aye, I’ken whaur you are’’

Anyway to cut a long story slightly shorter. We end up lost on the wrong side of Paisley. He’s flat out arguing that we are not in the position that google maps say we are. Fucking fantastic I’m thinking, bad navigation is not an excuse for being late to a nautical examination. Luckily I had set out with plenty of time to spare and we get there after 45 minutes.


I arrive just in time and I’m sweating, angry and a little bit anxious. Just the usual then. I’m already thinking fail. Thankfully it’s the Caithness Captain and the moment I saw him I knew I was going to pass. What a fucking relief. He has a particular gift for putting you in a practical situation and accepting common sense answers. If you meander at all, or head off in the wrong direction. He has that look that all good Skippers have. The ‘’What the fuck are you saying/doing look?’’ that instantly tells you you’re wrong and he says fuck all, till you correct yourself and then nods when you’re back on track. He had a genuine interest in all my answers and often they would lead to yarning back and forth with interjections of scenarios and conditions. He also swore near the start, which is always a good sign. I got a shit early and a fucking near the end. You can’t complain at that.

So he starts with this:

-What are the legal requirements for a seaworthy vessel and what documentation do you carry aboard?

-Stopped me at Loadline cert, contents - Who carries out the survey, how often, what would you prepare and what do they survey?

-The class of your previous vessel. The difference between the workboat code & LY2. B.V.?

What are your monthly checks on Crane?

-Who issues Crane certificates, lifting register and explain loller regulations?

- SWL of Crane on previous vessel at minimum/maximum reach?

-How does that effect stability. Contents of stability book?

-Your company orders a new Crane for your vessel. Stronger and heavier by 50%. What precautions do you take, what preparations do you make and what are your legal requirements? My initial answer was ‘No fucking way would the company buy us a better Crane’ and admittedly it took me a while to get past that concept and I made him repeat himself several times. After my answer, he quoted a boat in Mull that had upgraded her Crane 3 times, with no reinforcing and had used the original bolts each time. It led to the collapsing of the Crane and a fatality.

-Passage planning. Suez to Gibraltar?

-Pre-departure checks?

-What information will you provide for entry to Gibraltar?


-Handing over the watch to OOW?

-The danger of running along the African North coast. Contingencies?

-Heavy weather, actions. Where do you get weather reports from?

-Information available from Navtex?

-What GMDSS equipment do you have on board, tests & checks?

-Possible ingress points aboard your previous vessel?

-It’s blowing a gale, you lose a hatch, bilge alarms go off and the boat develops a list. Actions?

-You are in a special area, what do you do with the water?

-The difference between list, loll and your actions to correct?

-You are taking more water than the pumps can cope with, actions?

-Abandon ship, GMDSS emergency procedures?

-MLC, work- rest, crew agreements?

-Marpol V, do you carry an ORB, GRB? What do you do with garbage?

-The smarty board- single white light dead ahead, group flashing 2?

-ILA B Port hand mark, outbound?

-ILA A Starboard hand mark, inbound?

-ILA B Preferred channel to port, outbound?

-N Cardinal, heading S-SW?

-E Cardinal heading due south?

-You are on a PDV, there’s a crossing vessel on port bow, steady bearing. Also another vessel on starboard bow passing clear 0.5 NM CPA? What do you consider a safe CPA, actions?

-CBD port bow crossing, steady bearing, Vessel overtaking from starboard quarter, clear but close, actions?

TSS- Yacht crossing from port side, in your lane, steady bearing. Vessel engaged in fishing, starboard bow, steady bearing, but still outside the lane, actions?

Rule 19

3 radar plots, port bow, starboard bow, steady bearing and a vessel overtaking from starboard quarter, clearing your bow by 0.3 NM, actions?

He stuck his hand out and said passed.

Over an hour.

Spent twenty minutes yarning. He looked up recommendations for next ticket. He thought the 500GT was still a bit of a shambles and said I should apply for the 3000GT C/O Ticket next.

Stepped outside, and it’s fucking lashing down. Try a few cabs, no luck, so plod into town. I see what looks like a pub in the distance. Rollin Inn, but it’s a sandwich shop. Shit. Never mind there’s a pub just up the road. It’s a bit rough though.

I bounce in, fucking soaking and asked the man what rum he had. Blackheart. Ok I’ll take a brandy. He set’s down a rum. I thought I asked for brandy? After a brief verbal tussle, I say I’ll just take the rum with coke. I hate Blackheart, but everyone is looking round. I’m in a suit, the best dressed there is in dirty grey jogging breeks and I’m getting some dirty looks. I buy a round to celebrate and it’s all cosy.

The barman kindly calls me a cab.

Taxi home took 10 minutes.

Vinil's C-Soft and webpage was vital to my passing.



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