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David M Mac Neil
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David MacNeil


4th May '16



Examiner: B Kedzierska

I waited in the reception area of the Marine Office until I was called in by Kedzierska. She asked me if I had any recording devices/phone on me and to leave it outside. We then went into the exam room. She took a look at my discharge book and asked a few qeustions about the boats I work on and general chat just to settle the nerves. I cant remember all the questions I got asked for the exam but this is what I do remember:

1. Signing on a ship as master, tell me the procedure for taking over from the moment you arrive at the gangway until your relief has signed off.

2. What certificates would you have onboard?

3. Who issues tonnage certificate?

4. Who issues loadline certificate?

5. What is the validity for the above certificates?

6. Passage plan from Leith to Germany?

7. Requirements for throwing garbage overboard?

8. Can you throw garbage overboard in a special area?

9. V/l suffers a blackout, strong offshore wind blowing on your beam, nearest land is 5 miles, actions?

10. Action for v/l aground?

11. Company says v/l will go to dry dock for inspection of the hull, what preparations would you make?

12. What is P force?

13. What is good and bad stability?

14. What can you tell me about free surface effect?

15. What is contained in stability booklet?

16. Oil spill has occurred while bunkering is taking place, action?

17. Who would you inform in the event of a spill?

18. Do you have to inform them?

19. Would you inform MAIB?

20. What other things would you report to MAIB?

21. Principles of survivial in a liferaft?

22. Your company is changing the crane and the liferaft on your v/l, who would you inform and what would you make sure of? (Certificates updated is what she was looking for)

23. MOB on the stbd side, you have seen him falling over, actions?

24. What are the duties of on-scene coordinator?

25. How would you inform other v/l's talking on CH16 to use another channel?

Smarty Board

Sailing v/l

V/l aground seen from Stbd

NUC not making way - what lights would she show for making way?

V/l engaged in trawling with nets fast upon obstruction - arc of visibility for the fast upon obstruction lights

Arc of visibility for side light

Buoyage (Heading 180)

Preferred channel mark to Port region B

East cardinal Mark

West cardinal mark

Port lateral mark region B

Isolated danger mark - what side can I pass it on?

During the exam I felt Kedzierska was very fair, if I got stuck she would try and prompt the answer out of me. I was quite surprised I didnt get any Restricted Vis situations or any Tss questions.  

For the Master 200 oral I would most definitley reccomend studying ShipMasters Business Material, as this is the biggest difference between the OOW oral. Vinils COSOFT Cd is excellent for studying ROR & Restricted vis situations. Know your checklists on the Bridge Procedures Guide for emergencys, and sign up for email alerts for when a new MGN, MIN or MSN is released. From the 2 weeks I signed up before my exam there were 3 new ones released, examiners like to ask if you know about the latest one!

Good luck to future candidates, peace!

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