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Jude Joshua.

Deck Syllabus B – Chief Mate – Unlimited.

19th June 2017.

1500 – 1640. (1 hour 40 mins).

Examiner: Simon Alletson.

Initially Simon introduced himself and advised me about the entire process of the Examination including the Syllabus and also that it was an unlimited ticket so I would be placed on different vessels and that I am expected to have the knowledge to answer these questions. He also told me to stop him at any time if the questions were not clear enough and also I could stop the examination and take a break if I am feeling uncomfortable at any time.

By this time I was feeling comfortable and ready to go in for the kill.

I was put as Mate on a Container vessel and was asked to answer accordingly until and otherwise I was advised to answer as a Master,

1. Put a Weather Forecast chart in front of me and told me I was going from New Zealand to Chile, with a couple of highs/lows including cold/warm fronts and asked me what weather I should be expecting.

2. Asked me what advice I would give the 2/O regarding Navigation wise and what information I would want from him.

3. Now that the vessel reached port and loading cargo, what advice I would give my Officers regarding Cargo opts including night orders.

4. Contents of the Cargo Securing Manual?

5. What Cargo documents is required prior departure.

6. There is a dispute between the terminal and the Ship regarding the cargo loaded, how are you as a Mate going to handle the situation, also will you sail out?

7. What are the Stability Criteria’s you are concerned about?

8. Precautions and Procedure to be followed for loading Grain Cargo?

9. You are on a 15 year old General Cargo vessel, what kind of PSC Inspection would you expect?

10. Tell me about the Operational procedure of a fully enclosed davit launched Lifeboat drill and explain about the Risk assessment I made?

I was advised to answer the following Questions as a Master,

11. Now the PSC inspector is unhappy with the entire process and ends up detaining your vessel, how would you go about that and what would be your actions?

12. Master Obligatory reporting requirements?

13. You sight a container afloat spilling out slimy green liquid, in the sea during sailing, actions and reporting procedures?

14. You are asked to contain the spread of the pollutant, how would you go about doing that?

15. In UK what is the DG reporting requirements and procedure?

16. Vessel to depart port as a Master how will you go about it?


Ship Handling: Vessel is already on a Running moor in a narrow channel with tide of 1 knot almost head on and wind on the port quarter. How will you pick up the anchors and exit the narrow channel which is way down astern of the vessel.

Buoyage : It was a smarty board question, Vessel in Japan and you see a red flashing 2+1 and you need to use the secondary channel, identify the buoy and which side would you pass it?

Situation: Using smarty board, two trawlers forward of the beam, both crossing from starboard and port respectively, one on the port was shooting nets, also a PDV at 4 points on the starboard side crossing , told me to take my time, identify the vessels and take actions and explain why so?

Restricted Visibility:

1. Two targets forward of the beam on the port side with risk of collision, and one on the starboard quarter with no risk of collision, actions?

2. The A/B now informs you he hears from the bridge wing one prolonged two short forward of the beam from port bow and you still have these targets on your radar screen will you change your action?

3. What other vessels sounds one prolonged two short?


Finally looked at the clock, had a smile on his face, stamped and signed, congratulated me on passing the examination.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank God almighty, my family for their moral support, Mr.Vinl Gupta ,Shayne and Vishnu for their guidance and also my friends and fellow mates who helped and supported me through this journey.


Thank you all.


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