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Philip Graham
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C/O 3000gt Unlimited area upgrade.

Phil Graham Vs Malcolm Mackeller

1030am 13th Feb 2018


Started with usual fire and safety stuff then moved onto my experience, ships (tugs) and reviewed my disch book. I told him we're mainly harbour towage but have done a few barge moves between holland, rosyth, clyde and birkenhead.


He goes straight in with passage plan from Forth to the Clyde, no barge, barge is to be picked up in Glasgow. Start to finish. I start with Appraisel in full, then move on to Planning stage. I was a bit nervous and stumbled a few times but pushed through. I got all the main stuff out and he stopped me before Execution stage.


You have arrived at the entrance to the Clyde channel, (no barge), you pick up an active tow with a tanker. Visibility reduces. Actions. I state that we are not familiar with the Clyde and mention the Flying Phantom incident in res. Vis and the girting and loss of 3 men. Stated that in the Appraisel stage of passage plan we will have reviewed the ports local regs and understand the dangers of rest vis (I think the clyde stop op's with tugs in rest vis now). I said we would inform the pilot we are not comfortable, state that we would NOT assist and recommend him to get a local tug to assist instead. He seemed happy.


In narrow channel with tanker, passive tow (no line). He puts our tug ahead of the tanker. 'What are the main points to mention here??' I say that we dont do bow to bow. Proceeeded to mention our skeg arrangements and a few points on hydrodynamics of our tugs and why they are inefficient at bow to bow (just stalling for time and trying to sound clever). Then I said we never go under the flare due to interaction so put our line up for push pull at the shoulder fair lead. 'How do you reduce the effects?' SLOW DOWN. No further questions on narrow channels.


Model vessels are put on the table beside ruler. 'You are alongside, ahead of the barge. You have a new crew member onboard to assist as an extra hand with hooking up the barge. He has no prior experience in this operation. Take me through it.' I mention him joining the vsl, signing on, familiarisation, then start with SMS routine for barge job. Heads of departments, Risk Ass, review the barge hardware/bridles and systematic process of hooking up barge (much safer alongside than at sea). He seemed happy.


That evening before hooking up you have a fire in the laundry. I'm on the bridge. Actions?? Usual stuff here. Call master, muster crew, alarm, fire parties, close ventilation, boundary cooling preparation, fire plan etc. Now news arrives that the AB was last seen in the laundry. Actions! Extinguish the fire is now priority rather than contain. Medivac preparations.


Lights with all info and action: SV seen from stbd – single green. Pilot vessel from stern, NUC underway and stopped, vessel >50m but no deck illumination at anchor from P/S.


Buoyage – single buoy, west cardinal. You have it right ahead on course 270. Actions. I rushed in and said stop vessel instantly or 90' alteration to port or stbd. Then I said 'hang on, let me think this through'. Stated, reduce speed, no east cardinal as warning, check chart, plot position, call master. He asked me why I had time to do this and I mentioned 4nm vis on buoys and he seemed happy. Capt Mackeller was very fair here. He could have ruined me on my nee jerk reaction but he led me to the correct answers.


Final question. Tell me about the MAIB?? Mention investigative branch for UK. All UK flags MUST report incident or accident. All vessels in UK waters MUST report incident or accidents. Started listing types of accident, then incident and he stopped me and said the magic words.

No compass, sextant, rule 19 or MARPOL!! And since I was going for an unlimited area I was sure there would be some TRS or Meteorology but nope


Happy days. All the best to you sailors. Thanks to the Vinil for the COSOFT cd. I didnt have time to do the month intensive but studied solid for 3 months before. Best of luck to all you other candidates.

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