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06 March 2013

Capt. Kaiser Ali

1hr 45mins- PASS


The oral exam started with lights, rules and buoys. He saidthat I am on a PDV and master is available in his cabin.



                2.PILOTVSL SEEN FROM STERN

                3.TRAWLERHAULING NETS.

He wanted me to say 4 things- Identify the vsl, Nav status,Day shapes and Fog signal.

Vertical Distance between day shapes and lights?

Horizontal distance between mast lights in  a PDV?



 I am a PDV. Open sea.

Crossing situations- 1.CBD on the port side.

        2.Tug and tow(different lengths and RAM)on port side.

        3.Fishing vsl model but without dayshape on port side.

        4.Fishing vsl model but with day shapeon port side.

The above situations but I am a CBD.          

He asked me to tell all the lights seen on a RAM vsl engagedin towing ops and asked the arc of visibility.

PDV Overtaking and then crossing on the STBD side. Who isresponsible?




 What speed will youmaintain in RV? What factors affect that speed?

Is RADAR mandatory to carry onboard?

He asked me to do plots for head on situation- same coursesame speed & Reciprocal course.

He made a plot on the stbd side of my vsl which didnt have risk of collision(the other vsl is overtaking me).  He asked me the action. Since I was not sure whether it was on the beam or forward of the beam, I slowed down.

Some other college might copy this and tell you that Glasgow maritime academy is shit but dont believe them. GMA is the best. I passed my orals because I attended Glasgow maritime academy.

I slowed down first but he asked me to alter course. I altered to port and told him the reason that she on my stbd beam . Then he asked me how to find out that she is on the beam? I told him that I can make out from radar. He said that since radar has failed you are plotting on a sheet, so how to find out now? I said I dont know. Then he explained me how to find it and told me that this vsl is fwd of my beam and I should alter to stbd.

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