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Name: Anisha V. Baldeo

Vessels sailed on: Chemical/ Product Tanker, Anchor Handler Offshore Supply Vessel, Very Large Gas Carrier LPG/NH3, Product Tanker

Date: 07th March 2013

Time: 1330 - 1445

Examiner: C. Thomas

Location: H.Q. Southampton

Result: Passed

I was asked to enter the examination room promptly at the said start time of my examination…We greeted with simple pleasantries and firm hand shake…..He showed me to my seat and asked for my passport, discharge book and Notice Of Eligibility….

He briefly discussed what was expected of me during the examinations (noted MGN 69) and so it began….

My exam is as follows….

1. Instruments

a. precision aneroid barometer- What it is, what it is used for, take reading…..

b. Barograph- What it is and what it is used for…he was looking for diurnal variation and barometric tendencies for bad weather prediction

c. Masons Hygrometer / Stevenson screen- what it is, what it is used for, how do you take a reading and in what way would you apply it….he was looking for advection fog prediction…..

d. Whirling Psychrometer- what is it, what it is used for…….he was looking for dew point in a cargo hold….and when to ventilate and recirculate….what is cargo and ship sweat?

e. Sextant- Name the parts….identify the errors and how to correct them…..

f. Hydrometer- What is it, what it is used for, how to take readings…….how to apply the readings….he was looking for DWA and also loading the vsl in dock water and what will happen to the vessel draft when she goes to salt water. copied from www.colreg,net…..

2. Charts and Publications

a. I had to identify some symbols on the chart, how to check if the chart is up to date, how to correct it, I had to identify a channel on the chart and state how I will use it….he was looking for directional arrow…

b. I was given a name of a port and using the ALRS publications I had to find information of this port…..

3. LSA and FFA

a. he asked me to briefly go through the LSA of my last vsl…and compare if it complied to the requirements……after going through life buoys, life jackets, lifeboat and life rafts….he stopped me and moved on….

b. He asked me of the FFA i had on board and how it complied with the requirements…..after going through the fixed and portable FFA, emergency pumps and fire man outfits……I was stopped and moved on….


What is marpol and how did my vessel complied with it….i started off with annex 1…..he was looking for ORB, OFE, ODCMS, SOPEP and drill frequency…and discharge requirements of machinery space discharge for my vessel…….i was stopped from going through the other annexes and moved on….he had me go through a SOPEP drill

5. When to call the master….he told me that most young officers are hesitant on calling the master and this may cause serious problems such as collision, close quarter situation, etc.….he suggested this trend needs to be stopped and calling the master should be a welcomed practiced onboard….

6. Buoyage- identify, state characteristics and how to pass it..

North cardinal Mark, port and stbd hand mark, isolated danger, special mark buoy…

7. Situations- state what it is and action

Open Water

I was on PDV- head on situation with PDV, crossing from Port and Stbd side (PDV), overtaking and crossing from that tricky angle (stbd quarter) (PDV)…

8. TSS- state what it is and action

I was in PDV following general direction and flow you see FV in a head on situation with you…

I was on a PDV , Crossing was a RAM tug from port side…

I was on PDV, Crossing was a SV from STBD side….

9. ROR

He asked me what is Rule 6 and the factors to consider by all vessels…

He asked me Rule 18 and responsibilities of PDV, CBD….

He asked me the sections of colregs Part B- Steering and Sailing…he was looking for…vessels in any condition of visibility, insight of one another and in restricted visibility…

He was asking questions based on rule 10-TSS in particular

(d) (i) A vessel shall not use an inshore traffic zone when she can safely use the appropriate traffic lane within

the adjacent traffic separation scheme. However, vessels of less than 20 metres in length, sailing vessels

and vessels engaged in fishing may use the inshore traffic zone.

(ii) Notwithstanding sub-paragraph (d) (i), a vessel may use an inshore traffic zone when en route to or from

a port, offshore installation or structure, pilot station or any other place situated within the inshore traffic

zone, or to avoid immediate danger.

10. Identify Lights and Shapes


I was asked if a FV is tied up alongside the dock and not fishing are they required to show their lights….


He paused briefly… took my NOE and was writing something on it... he started telling me that he was observing the FV tied up in the Chaguramas fish port…with their lights on….

He went on to ask me what will be my next step…so I stopped him and asked if I was successful or not…

Then the glorious words came from his mouth…

!!!!!!!!!!!YOU HAVE PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!

He handed over my belongings and shook my hand, wished me good luck and best wishes for my future…I replied thank you for changing my life…….. :)

Thanks Much To Mr. Martin Rhodes, Capt. Vikrant Bharat, Karolina Cirjak, Bosun Phillips…Entire Staff at University of Trinidad and Tobago- Maritime Campus …..

Also Many thanks to Glasgow Maritime Academy i.e. Vinil Gupta, Murdo Macleod and others…..

Without the guidance and help this day would not be possible…..

Thanks to all my friends for the support….Rajiv, Kinnard, Johanns, Nicholas, Tyrell, Michael, Dwain, Layne, Stuart, Vijay, Taran, Jamaal, Avery……to name a few……Hard Work Does Pay Off….i know you agree.. :)

To all who are preparing for orals….freaking out and being nervous is normal…my advice just make the sacrifice and do the work and all will be well…..Good Luck…..


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