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rajiv jagessar
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Vesselssailed on: Anchor Handler Offshore Supply Vessel, LPG, Product Tanker

Date:08th March 2013 

Time:0900- 1045

Result: Pass


Theexaminer checked my documents and asked me the type of ships I sailed on andstated the examiniton will be conducted as per MGN 69.

1)       Tell me the particulars aboutur last ship(type, grt, nrt, dwt)

2)       What is fwa? What it is usedfor? What was it on my last ship?

3)       What is dwa? ( asked mi 2calculate it)

4)       PAB what it is? what it isused for ?Read the PAB

5)       What is the sextant? What isit used for? What are the principles?

6)       How are you going to preparethe bridge for sailing?

7)       Fire in the galley. Actionsas an OOW (on the bridge)

8 )      How will you the place offire on the ship from the bridge?

9)       What are all the books youwill refer to safety onboard ?

10)   What is ism?

11)   What is risk assessment?

12)   What is the duty of thesafety officer?

13)   What maintenance do you do onFFA and LSA

14)   What is isps? What are thelevels?

15)   What is the duty of thesecurity officer?

16)   Explain the four stages ofpassage plan

17)   Told me  pick up a chart, what is the 1stthing you looked for on the chart?

18)   How do you know your chart iscorrected?

19)   In the chart, the directionof buoyage,  tidal diamond, usage of thetidal diamond. And some symbols

20)   What is marpol, what is thenew requirements as per garbage disposal?

21)   Contents of sopep?

22)   How do you keep a cargowatch?

23)   What is the fire wallet?

24)   Items in the fire man outfit?

25)   What is GMDSS?

26)   Maintaince you carry out onGMDSS equipment?

27)   You accidentally activatedyour EPIRP, what do you do?

28)   Man overboard on thestarboard side, actions as OOW?

29)   What books do you refer tofor search and rescue?

30)   How do you rig an HRU?

31)   He handed me an HRU, can youuse this?( Expiry date 2010)

32)   What is the helm symbol onthe HRU is for?

33)   How do you train the crew?

34)   How do you familiarizeyourself on a new vessel?

35)   What are the pilot ladderrequirements?

36)   What do you give the pilotwhen he comes onboard?

37)   You and the pilot is on thebridge, who is incharge ?


38)   Can you deviate from therules?

39)   What is safe speed?

40)   What is look out? When can ube sole lookout?

41)   Tell me about TSS?

42)   Tell me about narrowchannels?

43)   What is a head on situation?What will be your action?

44)   What is a crossing situation?What is your action ?

45)   When it is deemed that youare over taking? What is your action?


46)   Sailing vessel on my portside

47)   Tug (greater than50meters)and tow (greater than 200) on my portside

48)   RAM tug and tow on my stbdside


49)   In restricted visibility,which vessels are give way.?

50)   Look out in RV?

51)   You see 3 blips on your portbow , action?

52)   You see 3 blips on yourstarboard bow, action?

53)   You see 3 blips on yourstern, action of both vessels?

54)   Explain rule 19.

BUOYAGE(examiner wants everything about the buoys)

55)   You see a north cardinal buoyright ahead, how will u pass?

56)   You see isolated danger mark,actions? How will u pass?

57)   You see  two west cardinal buoys right ahead, how willu pass?

Studyhard and you shall succeed, thanks to all those who help me along the way tothis great achievement






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