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Shankar Muralidhar
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Name : Shankar Muralidhar

Date of examination : 18th April 2013

Surveyor : Capt. Kaiser Ali

Duration : 45 minutes

Result : Pass


My oral was to be held at 1330 hours. But the surveyor called me in 10 minutes late as he had some work . As I entered he asked me to have a seat and asked me for my passport and my Discharge book. He then asked me what ship type I was on. The questions he asked me are as follows :

1) What certificate is issued to a ship under the ISPS code ?

2) What is the validity of this certificate ?

3) What is a DOC and when is it to be exchanged?

4) Define restricted visibility

5) Restricted visibility -He placed my ship and told me that there was a target fine on my port bow . He placed the first blip and told me I have to overtake that vessel, so keep the rest of the blips accordingly.

6) Can you go port for the vessel mentioned above ? (basically wanted me to quote 19d(i)

7) What rules apply to restricted visibility?

8. LIGHTS - Trawler hauling nets viewed from starboard.

A vessel NUC and stopped

9) How do you implement the ISM code on board your ship?

10) How many lifejackets did you have onboard and what is the requirement?

11) How many lifebuoys did you have on board and what is the requirement ?

12) What are the checks to be made on a davit launch lifeboat before you lower it ?

13) What are the correctable and non-correctable errors on the sextant ? Explain.

14) What is at the back of the deviation card ?

15) What is a risk assessment?

16) How will you do a risk assessment? ( Do not forget to mention that you will find information on how to do it in COSWP chapter 1. He wants to hear that. )

17) What is a dynamic risk assessment ?

18) How will you do a steering gear test?

19) Buoyage - He showed me an region B port hand mark , isolated danger mark , North cardinal mark and an east cardinal mark . Identify and give the top mark and the light .

20) Showed me a special mark (cylindrical shape ) what’s it used for and looking at the shape where will you pass it ?

21) What does an emergency wreck marking buoy look like? 

22) What are the new pilot ladder requirements ?

23) He asked me about the new amendment’s to MARPOL Annex 5 (Garbage )


Once I told him that, he told me that I answered well and that he is going to pass me. The important thing here is , when there is a reference to a particular publication like COSWP or SOLAS do mention it in your answer. It does help. So guys study well ,study Smart and all the very best .



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Shankar Muralidhar
Posts: 2

Q 3  Correction : What is a DOS?  

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