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Samantha Simpson
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Passed 60 mins Gen.Cargo & Coastal Passenger


Capt.Fletcher 19/04/13


Asked for my discharge book , told me all the usual stuff filled in paper work asked me about my two last ships . where they traded etc...


Mag Compass ? Explain the parts in detail.

What's on back of deviation card ? Where is it kept ?

Pab ? Take a reading and what corrections.

Hydrometer? How to use it .

Sextant ? What is the 3rd error.

Then asked what's in that white box? Stevenson screen , hygrometer .


HRU ? Explain how it works , tie a bowline

How many life rafts on my 3rd ship ( he had surveyed it )

Weekly Gmdss checks

VHF dsc in area 3

How does ism effect u as 3rd officer

PMS on last ship?

How long is permit to work valid for?

what can u discharge in a special area?

Who was your ship security officer ?Duties?

When to exchange DOS?

ECDIS? Did u have it ? No ...then asked normal APEM stopped me after appraisal.

How do you correct charts ? Moved on quickly again

Risk assessment ?

what is hazard what is harm?

Steering gear test on last ship ? Could I remember 3rd ship steering gear?


Running Moor


Handed me a joining shackle told me to explain the parts and how would I split it

Anchors my 3rd ship had , told him I had only learned my last two ships anchors and he was happy with that.

What is transverse thrust ?


Brought out the bouys gave me an east cardinal wanted all the info

Region b prefd to port

Then gave me a channel told me once I started moving the ship not to stop. easy peasy .


Restricted Vis


Vessel on Port Bow

explain the triangle then

My action and there action


I am PDV unless he states otherwise



PDV on stbd side in

Fv where can it fish moved it various places in

Change my ship to CBD

PDV on port side


Open Sea

Tug and tow on port side

Then if the tow was over 200m what shapes

We are CBD now the tow is RAM action


Smarty board

Identify Status Size & Day Shape Fog Signal



Vessel Aground

PDV seen from port side


Then he looked at the clock and told me I had passed , asked what my plans where now and all the best for the future .


Cannot stress enough all the quizzes for bouyage and situation and smarty board get you bulletproof.


And take a drink of water I didn't and wish I had done after ten mins.


Thank you to Vinil could not have done it without you and all at GMA and to David my chief officer for his help and college friends for there mails of support . Most of all to my family and Sean for supporting me throughout I will be eternally in debt to you all . thank you all so much best feeling ever !!











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