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Asher Khatri
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Name : Asher Khatri


Date of examination : 18th April 2013


Time : 1500 HR


Surveyor : Capt. Kaiser Ali


Duration : 45 minutes


Result : Pass




I reached the MCA Paisley at 1430 and wait for my turn after half an hour the Kaiser Ali gave me the paper to write DG DOCUMENT REQUIREMENT and REPORTING PROCEDURE.

At 1520 He brought me into the Examination Room and asked me to return that paper and then he asked to see my Passport and SSB and he asked me about the last ship for example CREW, NATIONALITY , TYPE OF SHIP , TRADING AREAS. 


The question which he asked are as under.

He started with me...


Smarty Boat... identify, size, nav status, day shape and fog signal


NUC stopped


Trawler engaged in Hauling Nets




I am on CBD.......what dayshape?........what light she show and arc of light?


PDV (fishing vessel without dayshape) crossing from my port side...wht she doing.....?


if it is fishing vessel what day shape?


then they put the day shape...........action.?




He asked me about RAM


what day shape?


what is the space between them?


which light show and arc of light?






1) He showed me buoy .....identify ?


which is Prefered Channel to Starboard Region B


what is the light?




2) Then he showed Cardinal Buoy (which is West )


Identify.......light......topmark........action.......north is behind you




3) Isoltaed Danger


what is topmark?






1) What is COTIDAL RANGE CHART.......where we used this chart?


2) Sign of TRS?


3) What is Diurnal Variation Of Pressure? how many time in one day?


4) What is Backing wind?


5) Pressure falling wind NH?


6) You are on fully loaded container ship and you see the sign of TRS, what precaution you will do?


7) What is DOS?


8. When you Exchange the DOS?


9) What is SSAS?....where we use this......manually or automatically operated


10) Who is your safety officer on your last ship?


11) What are the requirement of safety officer?


12) What is the duty of safety officer?


13) What is Manila Amendment?


14) Hour of rest?


15) What is the procedure under SOLAS of 3 monthly boat drill?


16) What are the equipment in life boat and how many Pyrotecnic?


17) Minimum Requirement of LIfe Jacket?


18) Minimum Requirement of LIfe Bouy?


19) Minimum Requirement of TPA?


20) What is the requirement of LSA maintenance?


21) You are first OOW in CCR, discharged the cargo, what information you get from the Ch. OFF?


22) What is Marpol Annex 5? there any changes in it?


23) What is Ballast Managemant Plan?

24) Which test you write in GMDSS Log Book?


25) He gave me the HRU and Rope, where you pass this rope from HRU, and which knot, can you rig the hru for me?

Then he said i will give you a PASS, then he wished me best of luck, and asked about future plans

Many Thanks to Allah

Special Thanks to Capt. Vinil Gupta and all my friends who support me.

BEST OF LUCK........
















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