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Magnetic compass- tentative swing

after this cant remember the order was a blur and might have missed some things.

how does ISM effect you?

Marpol annex 5 new requiremnts?

vessel has run into sand bank? actions as chief off?

loll and list difference? can you have both? what is GM what is M?

Fire in accomodation in port actions?

Ecdis passage planning- loads of detail wanted

Indian offcier onboard, what certs would you check as master? live list etc

SSO does he need certificate? can foreign nationalities SSO be used on UK flas ships.

Can company assist master with decision making in emergencys?

AB certificates?

Rules - TSS narrow channel, only a few, fishing crossing and tug and tow, RAM tug and tow. vessel overtakes then tries to cross bow, actions?

Lights - only 3, pilot underway, fishing making way, CBD underway.

buoys - 1 at a time, what side to pass? only 4 or 5 different one.

Res Vis - 3 targets, one same course and speed port side, one risk of collison stbd side, one risk of collion overtaking on port quarter. said slow down, wanted action of each vessel.

picked up my NOE and went through ECDIS passgae planning again, asked a few more quaetions then told me exactly what he was looking for.


fletcher is sound, compass and ISM at start, if you nail them hes happy. helps you to locate the answers.

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