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John MacLeod


MCA Glasgow (Shahid Akhther & M. Kaiser Ali)

26th March 2013 (09:15-10:25)



The first 10 mins were spent checking through my documents and talking about the Drillship I am currently working on.

All questions to be answered as the Master of a UK flagged vessel.

• What are the statutory certificates do you require to carry on board.

• What required ship/shore certificates and validities/audit requirements.

• How do you get a Interim SMC.

• How does MARPOL Annex 1 affect you.

• What Certificate had become compulsory in January 2012. ( I think he meant January 2013 )

• Alternative compliance scheme - How do you enter the scheme.

• What certificates are checked in Alternative compliance scheme.

• Crew agreement.

• What will be changing with MLC 2006.

• How would you Sign on board a Polish 3/0, 17 Year old Cadet and a AB.

• CRA.

• Hours of Rest for under 18 years.

• How would you advise your 2/0 with the use of ecdis.

• How can your ship go paperless.

• What considerations would you have for a voyage from Singapore to the Mediterranean through Suez Canal.


• Synoptic Chart - Wind Direction and Force in specific location.

• TRS - Wind Veering in Northern Hemisphere and what are your actions.

• Considerations for anchoring.

• Dragging anchor - What are your actions.

• Vessel aground from Dragging anchor – What are your actions.

• LOF2011 – Differences between the new and old form.

• Port of safety.

• Note Protest.

• You are about to load steel coils which are rusty – What are you actions.

• Difference between Note Protest and Letter of Protes.t

• Large steel work carried out during maintenance.

• Magnetic compass.

• Checks required prior to tentative swing.

• What Coefficient is on a Easterly heading - and how to correct it.


• Radar Plot – Plot v/l on the same Course and Speed.

• Radar Plot - Vessel Stbd quarter with a CPA 0nm, Vessel on Port Bow with a CPA 2nm – Action.

• What does Rule 19 say.


• TSS - You PDV and Portside CBD crossing.

• TSS - Fishing vessel Portside.

• TSS - Fishing vessel following traffic lane.

• TSS - PDV crossing Stbd side

• TSS - Vessel overtaking you on Stbd side and then go to cross the TSS from Stbd side


• Tug Tow Portside

• RAM Tug Tow Portside

• You CBD and RAM Portside


• V/L NUC seen from Astern or V/L Aground less than 50m

• F/V making way with outlaying gear 150m


Sorry I cannot remember any more questions from the Orals.



I would like to thank Captain Vinil Gupta from Glasgow Maritime Academy.

The Glasgow Maritime Academy is a fantastic college. The course was well structured with all lecturers going the extra mile in to make sure everybody was ready for their exam. I would recommend to anyone in the future to attend Glasgow Maritime Academy for orals preparations and any courses advertised.





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