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Shyamanta Barua

Examined by Capt.Fletcher

16 May 2013

1500 hrs.



Briefly explain the parts of the compass .

Ship Built in Clyde , Which side of heeling error bucket will be up?


Checked my Discharge Book and saw all Tankers

Put me on a Heavy Lift Vessel as a Chief Officer and asked me to prepare for loading a Heavy Lift.

What are the contents of the Cargo Securing Manual

What inspections are made on Lifting Appliances on my last ship. How were the records maintained.


Shipmasters Business

I am signing on a new Officer, What documents and certificates will I be looking for?

The Officer does not have a UK Certificate of Competency

What equivalent certificate he should have ? – CEC

If CEC Could not be arranged what temporary arrangement will be made by the Company-




Plan a passage on ECDIS

What type of training is required by an ECDIS Operator-generic and Type Specific

What is the requirement to navigate fully on ECDIS.



How does ISM Help you as a Chief Officer

What do I understand by Critical Items in PMS and name a few critical Items.

Duties of Safety Officer?



If the Ship is at Security Level-2 and the Port is at Level 1. What do I have to do ?

Who do I exchange DOS with ?- PFSO



Ship aground , Master is on the Bridge. He said All initial actions like Sounding Alarm , Mustering , Headcount have been taken.

What do I expect the Engine Room Team to do.

I am the head of the Damage Assessment team. What assessment would I do ?

Asked me about refloating the Vessel.

Now a tug has come to assist me. Is it TOWAGE or SALVAGE ?

Vessel has refloated and reached her discharge port where she is discharging OIL ,

Duty Officer in the Cargo Control Room gets a fire Alarm in the Panel –Fire in the bridge. He Says D/O Raises alarm , Muster head count takes place , What is the first action I would expect him to take ? What are my actions as a Chief Officer.

Where does the Master proceed to ? – Muster Station

What if the Ship resources are not able to cope up with the fire – Seek assistance from shore fire fighting Team- What information will I give them.




FV on port bow , RAM on port bow,CBD Vs RAM, Own ship NUC as steering gear failed and other vessel RAM followed by a few buoys and 3 targets in Radar Plotting.




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