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Gary Watt
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Kaiser Ali,  55 minutes, 


Master, Any Ship Near Coastal

Kaiser Ali told me to assume that I am Master on my last vessel unless told otherwise, he was very polite and took his time with all the questions throughout and reminded me to take my time with the rules and bouyage as he will only accept the first answer!

Magnetic compass

When do you call an adjuster? How often does an adjuster need to attend? what is retentative error, and how to correct it?

ISM, What are SMC, DOC and how would you get one? Masters responsibilities regarding ISM? How would you motivate the crew?

ISPS what is it? And how do you conform to it? DOS when is it needed?

MLC 2006, When does it come into force? Whats in it? Who has to comply? What certificates are issued, by who and there validity? 

Marpol annex 5, what is it, and whats new in 2013? Garbage Management plan contents, Garbage record book contents and who inspects Marpol regs? Special area garbage criterea?

Marpol annex 1, What is it? What would be checked before signing the Oil Record book?

OLB, What sections are in it, and what is extra for passenger ships?

Signing on a foreign 2/0, a 17 year old cadet and a few questions regarding ENG1 and various certs?

HOR for crew and under 18s, and night time work?

Drills, how to make up a Matrix, and frequency of drills (mention crew rotation), and from a safety point of view what to watch for during drills?

Masters Standing orders, for cargo operations and for night orders?

ECDIS regs for paperless ship, and how would you advise a new 2/0 on the use of ECDIS?

You get a call at 0400 from the 3/0 that the gyro is unreliable and wobbling, on further investigation it is apparent it is not the gyro but the steering actions? seemed to be happy with minimum speed and NFU steering followed by emergency steering, securite messages and NUC  until repairs are made.

Stability, Dry-dock, P force what is it? trim at dry-dock? Damage stability, how many compartments can be flooded on your last vessel? where can you find that information? 24hr emergency contact number when would you use it? SAR plan? Angle of loll, what is it and how to correct it?

Heavy weather preperations, how would you do it?

Rules 6 explain in your own words? What is the definition of restricted visibility, and what rules apply in restriced visibility? If you hear a fog signal forward of the beam actions?

E and W cardinals, isolated danger, port hand special mark (where would you find them, flashing etc..)

Smarty board, Pilot vessel seen from stern, 50mtr+ aground (also asked the meanings of fog signals U and L) and FV stern on or at anchor with outlying gear. wanted all the details of them apart from actions!

TSS, PDV on my port side, tug and tow on port side, tug and tow RAM port side, tug and tow RAM 200mtr+ port side, Which vessels can use the inshore zone and seperation zone? 

Open Sea, Tug and tow on my starboard side, also asked the arcs of the towing lights and all the towing day signals.

Running Moor, Standing Moor explain them? when would you use them?

Then at last, you have passed!

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