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Amanpreet Singh

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I reached the Mca Office well in time.I was allowed in at 10:15.

Mr kaiser ali came and gave me a paper and asked me to write the Docs required to carry DG cargo and reporting procedure for DG before entering Eu.

At 1100 he called me in, checked my Passport,CDC,CoC.

Told me i will be a mate on a tanker. Asked me abt retentive error, how will i find and correct it.

Then he started with ISM, how does it effect me as a mate,then as i was answering he switched over to PMS for forward winches and Anchors.

Came back to ISM asked me how will i motivate the crew, What will i ask them to read :D. COSWP & SMS MANUALS.

Then he asked me abt PTW onboard , do i need to do a Risk assement before PTW.8) OH AyE.

Went on asking me abt Safety officer duties , what places will be checked and how often:o, safety committe meeting.

Asked me who was the security Officer, When do u exchange DOS,:P

Then he went onto MLC, what certificates , what do they have and rest hours as per MLC.Fresh water responsibilities and which M-Notice.MGN 397.

Here coms the tricky one , In Safety equipment survey what will a surveyor check on a lifeboat for a 6 year old Tanker : Lifeboat proof load test, which M-notice . MSN 1803.

In SEQ what will a surveyor check on Fire pump, then asked the operation of deck isolation valves.

Next was Dry Docking, Which plan will you refer to if i want to change plates on the Hull.

When entering drydock how will i enter, Whats P force, how do u reduce it and how will u leave the Drydock.

Asked me where will i find information about Ice patrol, couldnt answer it well, but he let it go.

TRS northern hemisphere winds veering , where am i???

Marpol Annex 5, new changes to the criteria and will my GMP and GRB will change due to the new criteria.

Whats angle of Loll, How do u correct it?

Then he came to tankers,Vessels loading 3 grades, Instruction to Duty officer 30 min prior the ships gonna start loading.;)

What do u understand by Scanty information, Asked me about safe speed and thinks to keep in mind before determining safe speed.(Rule 6)

Couple of TSS situations , who can use the Traffic seperation Zone.

3 Smartie board and 3 bouys , and What rules apply in RV, DEFINE RV, and what action if u hear fog signal forward of the beam.

And then the magic words PASS.


Many Thanks to Mr Vinil Gupta, i didnt even feel i was giving orals it was just like a discussion.

Mr Kaiser Ali is very Polite, doesnt make you nervous.

Many thanks to all my friends and specially Mr Kedar He helped me a lot,

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