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Shantesh sharma

Surveyor- Capt. fletcher

Bulk carrier

Time/date- 0900-0935/ 07.06.2013

As i entered the room capt. Fletcher asked me to remove my jacket and ask me to sit and be comfortable.


1. The first question was the parts of magnetic compass, its principal and purpose of soft iron and hard iron magnets.

2. Pab its purpose, use and how to get pressure and its correction.

3. Hydrometer its use, how to take samples, how to take reading and the correction which applies to it.



4. Passage planning on ECDIS i.e. APEM (remember to say visually checking of route)

5. HRU use, how to connect, operation, and which other equipment have HRU other than liferaft(asked me to tie a bowline on weaklink)

6. Liferaft requirement and requirement foe forward liferaft( forward liferaft is not having HRU why is it so?).

7. How to do Risk assesmnet and risk factor table i.e. how to determine risk using risk factor table.

8. How to set up radar, precautions and mode for collision avoidance(i.e. relative motion, true trails and NUP mode).

9. As a third mate how ism effects you and validity of SMC and DOC cert.

10. Fire in port in dryer room(what is your intial action)

ROR, lights and buoys

11. Tug and tow crossing from port side action

12. Tug and tow ram crossing from port side action

13. Length of tow measured from which part of ship(after part of towing vessel to last vsl towed)

14. Sound signal to overtake in narrow channel and open sea on stbd side and range of sound signal equipment.

15. Sound signal nearing a bend in narrow channel and what will the other vessel sound on other side of narrow channel(1 long blast)

16. Pdv in TSS crossing from stbd side action.

17. On smarty board cbd, nuc and dredger with safe side n unsafe side

18. In buyos he asked me their topmark, purpose and action one by one all for inbound . He didn’t give me a channel.

1. Stbd hand mark region B

2. Port hand mark region A

3. Isolated danger mark

4. Special mark

5. West cardinal mark

After 35 mins he discussed my orals question answer and told me to relax you are pass and stamped my NOE as pass. I am very thankful to Capt.vinil gupta for helping me out and direct me in a right direction.


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