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Date/Time: 13-06-2013 / 0900 Hrs.

Time: 45 Min.

Result: Pass.

1st attempt

I reached Paisley around 0830 and entered the building at 0840. Met Capt. Bala at the reception and he said that we will start in 15 min. Later he called me in, asked to sit and me to make myself comfortable. Initially he briefed me about the safety, like today there will be no fire alarm testing and stuff. He then informed me that the exam pattern will be strictly according to MGN 69. After that he asked for my CDC and my MNTB and my workbook. Enquired about my ship, trade area and type of cargo handled.


He started off with instrument:

1) Showed me Sextant and asked what is it, its principle, few readings (both on & off the arc), what’s the use and how to use, find index error and how will you check your error? (He wants to hear sun’s SD in Nautical Almanac).

2) Hydrometer- what is it, how and where to use it?

3) PAB- what is it, take reading, errors (all three) and why do we add the height error? He then informed me that if I was in South China Sea and the pressure is dropping rapidly, what does that indicate? (TRS)

4) Hygrometer- What is it and the use? Why do you check relative humidity?

5) Magnetic Compass- Use and parts.



1) What is ISM? What is its purpose? How does it affect you on-board?

2) How will you correct your ASD’s?

3) How will you correct your Electronic charts?

4) How will you correct your Paper charts? He gave me a paper chart and asked me to explain me in detail? Then asked me what to do if I find that the chart is not corrected? (tell him about cumulative notices)

5) Asked me how will I do planning on that chart? It was a large scale coastal chart? Tell him all the factors you’ll consider while doing coastal planning.

6) Asked me few symbols on chart.

7) How will you help master on bridge while approaching for anchorage?

8) What will be your duties if you are in charge for anchor station? (Risk Assessment)

9) MOB STBD side. Action?

10) After recovering the person do you think that he’ll be in good state? where will the master get the info about how to treat him? Tell him about Master’s Medical Guide and ALRS Vol 1 and also CIRS.

11) Gyro Failure. Action?



You are a PDV.

1) PDV on port bow

2) PDV on STBD bow.

3) FV right ahead.

4) In TSS, FV engaged in fishing, and he kept that in different regions of TSS and asked me if she can do fishing there.

5) On port Bow he placed a vessel and just kept on changing her day shapes from NUC, RAM, Tug & Tow >200m, FV and Aground.


1) Tug & Tow seen from portside.

2) NUC at Anchor seen from stbd side.

3) SV <20.

4) FV seen from port side.

5) Pilot VSL.

6) Partially submerged object towed.

7) Vsl with Alfa Jack.

8) MC seen from STBD side.

Magnetic Plots

Vsl approaching from stbd side – Port Side – Astern – Right Ahead with speed less than own vessel.


He kept a set of buoys (Region B only) and told me that I was heading 2700 and outbound. He asked me not to move the ship but to bring the buoys on the ship side where it has to be kept while passing, and to tell the light characteristics and rhythm and also top mark if any.

1) Spl mark Can shape

2) Spl mark cone shape

3) Prfd channel to STBD

4) Prfd channel to Port

5) Safe water mark

6) Isolated danger mark

7) North Cardinal

8) South Cardinal

With that he told me that the exam is over and wished me good luck.

Guys make sure you are 100% in ROR and buoyage. Then Orals result is in your favour. Just do your daily tasks and attend all classes. Then it becomes easy for you.


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