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Chief mates / master <3000t


Aberdeen 20th June 2013 0930—1020


Cpt Temple v David Mackinnon


Pass, 1st attempt


I arrived around 0915 and was asked to wait in the reception area. Capt Temple arrived around 0930 and took me through to the examination room. He started with a safety brief and to confirm my mobile phone was off. He Informed me that the exam was be based on MGN  and he would have to accept my first answer in most cases. He then informed me that he had a busy day and will not waste time!


He started to look at my discharge book and informed me that he will be asking questions based as me as mate and master and on all types of vessels. He did inform me when he wanted answers as Master.


1, Asked about my current vessel and large POB.


2,Lifeboats drills and on to annual and 5 yearly testing requirements.


3, Hyperbaric lifeboat launch procedures and dangers


4, Marpol, annex 2, Certification required and procedures and dangers. SMPEP.


5,Passage planning, what information would I give the 2/O. Far east to europe.


5, Now on Bulk Carrier, Loading heavy lift in port. Using ships crane talked through process of inspection requirements of cranes (LOLER).


6, Now load a heavy lift from the quay side, Informed the ship was empty and where and why would I load this lift. All documentation and procedures I would follow for loading and securing this heavy life. ( deck working loads, securing equipment SWL & MSL) wanted detailed information.


During heavy lift, explain in detail what happens to the vessels stability and what precautions to consider. ( I used paper supplied to draw K-G-M changes before ,during and after lift.


7, As master, What night orders would I leave in port during loading cargo.


8, Now, 2/0 calls master in the night to say the vessel has listed unexpectedly. Looking for my response and instruction to crew. I told him I would assume a angle of Loll until proved otherwise and respond in this manner.


9.On bulk carrier, About to anchor. What considerations / procedure would I follow.


10, As master, vessel at anchor and OOW calls to say the weather has changed and the vessel is dragging anchor on lee shore. Actions , consideration and orders.


11, As master, Ship handling using models single R/H screw. Berthing narrow entrance with strong following current and moderate wind. ( Snub round anchor and go alongside, then snub around knuckle using fenders and lines.


12, Transverse thrust and manoeuvrings characteristics and what effects this.( Draft , environmental factors, windage area. I also mentioned contingencies and points of no return.


13, Back as mate, Fire drill alongside, from alarm right through to reporting requirements. He was particularity interested in BA procedures and pre-checks!


14, Bulk cargo, Dangers involved. Moisture limits / procedures, angle of repose and stability considerations.


15, In mid Ocean and vessel broken down and awaiting rescue. Rigging tow lines and where is this information found. Emergency towing booklet and more information and options.

16, loadline survey, Safety equipment survey and detailed info for both, There was other topics asked .






Models, open sea.


Fishing vessel crossing on port side (no day shape so PDV) Actions


PDV on stbd side, aft of the beam.




Where can a fishing boat be, Who can go where, how to join and can you anchor.


PDV /tow, over 200m On port side, Stand on.


PDV overtaking following lane then pulls ahead and crosses stbd side, actions.


Asked what day shapes RAM with obstruction on STBD side will display.


Sailing vessel on STBD side. Explain actions.


Smarty board


Engaged in towing operations, pushing ahead STBD side.


NUC not making way.


Aground over 50m


Pilot vessel underway.


Rule 19, He handed me a plotting sheet and proceeded to use the smarty board magnets.


Vessel ahead not making way, actions.


Vessel ahead less speed. Over taking


Vessel Stbd quarter.




North cardinal , no Day shape and describe lights. Now heading NW, actions.


Buoy channel, Region A, leaving port following preferred channel! + cardinel and isolated danger, just actions through channel in one move.


Then the magic words you’ve passed! He read through his notes and commented that I had performed well and nothing to comment on.


 I found Capt Temple to be fair and professional. 


A massive thank you to Vinil and Murdo from GMA. Together they cover all subjects with current and relevant teaching. I found the VLE to be a fantastic tool for learning. I would highly recommend Glasgow maritime academy for anyone who requires Oral preparation at any level.



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