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Name of Student : Rohan Carvalho

Name of Surveyor : Capt. Raman Bala

Date : 17th June 2013

Duration : 1hr 15min

Result : PASS


Reached Paisley and reported at the reception 20min prior to the start, Capt. Bala asked me to get in and surrender my mobile phone. Then he asked me for all my documents and he was very specific about the work book done on board, he just flipped through all the documents and asked me about the Type, Cargo and Voyage routes of my last ship, He told me the exam will be of 3 parts in compliance with the MGN 69(C)

1st part was the Instruments:

 Uses of Sextant

• How would You calculate VSA

• How to fix v/l’s posn by finding the altitude of celestial bodies

• Factors that You would consider while taking a sight

• 2 readings on and 2 readings off the arc

 Uses of Hygrometer

• When will you decide to ventilate the hold

 Uses of Hydrometer

• How to calculate the quantity of cargo loaded during a draft survey using Hydrometer.

 Uses of Magnetic Compass

• Name the parts

• How to plot the posn’ of ship on chart using a compass brg.

 Uses of PAB

• He told me that assume your v/l is approaching Glasgow port 200nm away and you are experiencing rapid fall in pressure, what would you expect?

2nd part was the General:

 From the NP100 he showed me a warm and a cold front and asked me to tell about the climatic conditions experienced as I approach from a warm to a cold sector

• Describe the shape of a TRS

• Climatic conditions in a low pressure zone (i.e) wind spd between the isobars, direction etc.

 Preparation checks on bridge before a port entry

• Steering gear test

• Passage planning

• Testing of telegraph

 How to setup both the Radars prior departure from a port

 Drill on life boat lowering procedures (as per MGN 1803)

 How would you set up your NAVTEX to receive the information that you require for an intended voyage.

 What is SOLAS Training Manual

• What does it tell about the FFA on board

 How and to whom would You be obliged to report for a SAR in the UK waters and which body of the MCA will respond to it.

 Fire in a container carrying DG goods, how will you fight the fire

 What is STCW convention

 What is a PSC

 What is Load Line convention

3rd part was ROR:

You have to be 100% confident on ROR as this decides your result,

 Situations

 Radar plots

 Lights

 Buoyage


I would suggest not to be too theoretical, Oral exam is about being practical. So with all the key factors that you decide what the answer is, frame the output in your own words and then speak out. Never be nervous on making a mistake,

• Be polite

• Be confident

• Be clear in what you say

COSOFT- Does make You Bullet Proof

Special Thanks to Capt.Vinil Gupta


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