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Oral Exam

– Wed 3rd July

– 1335-1410

Captain Kaiser Ali

MCA Paisley Office

Supply Vessel / Standby 

Ali started by introducing himself, checking my Passport and Discharge Book and having me confirm my date of birth. He also outlined the exam and told me to take my time.

Instruments: Asked me what checks I would make on the Magnetic Compass and espeacilly the kelvin balls (not painted) 


ISPS , Security officer DOS info about certifcates 

ISM - gerneral info including cerficates 

SMS regarding to 3rd officer


Risk assesment

Enclosed space entry

testing of atmosphere and also ventilation

Princples of navigational watch

Information about nav watch ( he wanted STCW)

Picking an anchorage

Anchoring from deck

Anchoring from bridge

Anchor watch

How to know you dragging anchor?

How u know ur charts and publications up to date

co tidal co range charts

Ecids and Ais info and limitations

setting up radar


LSA FFA on last ship

fire dampners and isolation valve

Rescue boat launching procedure and how long

items in recuse boat

Safety equipment cert info and validity 


Asked me about look out and safe speed

Information about TSS 

Rule 19 basic info and prep for fog


PDV port side

CBD port side

SV starboard side

I am CBD , Ram crossing 


Prefered channel to port region B , light and top mark if any ( ONLY 1 )




Asked for fog signals and day shapes for quite a few vessels in these parts.

Was finished within 35 minutes , I nailed every single question at the start with perfect answers to the point he was having to stop me talking. I think this showed I knew exactly what I was talking about and I was confident hence why I got so little about rules/situations/lights

Its really not as hard as you think , make sure you know what you need to know and it’ll be fine.

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