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Scotty Farquhar

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Name: Scott Farquhar

Examiner: Capt Carlisle from Belfast 

Location : MCA  Paisley Office

Time : 1330 and was in for 1 hour 15 mins

Result: PASS


He started with Compass

 Compass bearing of lamp post in carpark

 Pointed at Hydrometer and asked what it is and used for

 Whats the formula for DWA 

 Gave me FWA and had to calculate DWA

 Pointed at PAB and asked do you know what this is called and a take a reading

 What corrections are applied

 What weather would you expect over UK and details of warm front

 What is diuarnal variation

 What is the use of Hygrometer and what is this pointing at (Stevensons Screen)

 When hygrometer shows both the same readings what is happening

 Details how would you predict fog

Generals :

 What is variation and deviation and gave me figures to correct the compass bearing to true I took off lamp post

 Placed chart on table and said I was in English channel heading SW in TSS, What would I use for Navigation, If you mention Echo Sounder he  will point at chart and ask will you use Echo sounder here... An area of same depths

 How will you keep safe Navigation watch

 On a bulker carrier crossing Atlantic and you hear flooding alarm going off in hold 1.......Actions

 You here Distress message on VHF in Engilsh channel........Actions

 What checks you will carry out on magnetic compass

 Duties of loading Bulk cargo and why carry out ballasting operations

 How would you go about organising who goes where when preparing a Muster list

 BA checks

 I am on bridge with Master and you are preparing for anchoring....All details

 I am on deck in charge of anchoring operations.....All details

 In charge of mooring operations....All details

 Loss of steering......Actions


 PDV crossing from port side..Actions

 PDV crossing from starboard side ..Actions

 CBD crossing from starboard side ..Actions

 F/V crossing from port side ..Actions

 S/V crossing from starboard side..Actions

 I was PDV overtaking F/V...Actions

 Placed F/V without day signal and asked what is this, Then placed fishing signal on it and asked what it is now. Make sure to mention  ENGAGED in fishing when he places day signal on it.

 Placed PDV on table and asked what is was, Then placed CBD day signal on it and asked what it is now.

 Placed F/V, S/V and PDV on table and asked who keeps clear of who


 PDV starboard side

 CBD starboard side and asked Vis of lights

 Single white light

 S/V port side


Buoys :

 North Cardinal buoy

 Maybe few more questions but cannot

:) Pass

Thanks to Vinil and Murdo at GMA

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