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Name: Anurag Edbor

Date: 27-june-2013

Time: 10:30

Result: 1st attempt ( pass!!!)

Surveyor :Capt. Raman Bala

Duration : 25 minutes


Reached the center at 10:10 and went into the building at 10 15.Was called in at 11:25.After checking all my documents,we started off with instruments.

Did not go deep into instruments.I was only asked the name of each insturment and what it was used for:

1)Magnetic compass

2)Hygrometer ( asked me to give him the dry and wet bulb temperature)

3) PAB : asked for the current pressure.


After instruments he asked me to have a seat and have a glass of water.

He then asked for my MNTB , checked all my signatures and opened the first page of my workbook.For the rest of the duration of the orals all questions were asked from my workbook.The questions asked in the sequence below were as follows:

1)What are MINs, MGNs and MSNs.

2)Preparations while rigging pilot ladder.

3)How will you prepare for enclosed space entry.

4)Name the 6 annexes of MARPOL

5)OOWs duties during bunkering operations.

6)OOW aft stations duties (wants to hear regarding snap back zones)

7)What are the 4 steps of passage planning (wanted to hear only APEM)

8)What are the various levels of security ( explain level 1 2 and 3)

9)What instruments are carried with the personnel entering a dangerous space ( wanted to listen to O2 metre and Multigas detector)

10)Handing over the bridge watch

11)principle of doppler log

He then went on to ROR:


--PDV from port side

--PDV from starboard side

--PDV from right ahead (rogue vessel)

--My vessel crossing TSS from port side, starboard side with FV following general direction of traffic flow.

--CBD crossing TSS from starboard side.

--SV crossing from port



--He constructed a plot forward of the beam starboard bow.Action ?

--Asked me to construct a plot of stationary vessel on my starboard bow.

--Asked me to construct a plot on my starboard bow of a vessel with the same speed and same heading. (Went out of the room and said he would be back in 5 minutes and the plot should be ready )


Asked me around 20 smarty board situations one after the other with cards.He wanted me to only recognize the type of vessel.Did not spend more than 3 seconds on each card.


He then got his stamp box out, and stamped my NOE with a pass.Once he did that he kept three buoys in front of me and asked me to name the buoys and which side would i pass them.


--preferred channel to starboard

--prefferred channel to port

--west cardinal mark, heading south


Smiled at me and said i had answered his questions very well and confidently and i did not give him a chance to catch me on missing out on something.Wished me best of luck and asked me to come back for my mates ASAP.


Advice for you guys....please complete your workbook before submitting it to the surveyor.It is a myth that they do not concentrate on checking the workbook before orals.They go through it thoroughly before starting.Make sure you have studied everything from your workbook.Remember everything you did on your last vessel and based on that answer his questions. Be confident in every word that comes out of your mouth.Look him in the eye when you are answering and you guys will do just fine. Absolutely no leeway where ROR and buoys and instruments are concerned.


Coud'nt have done this in 25 minutes without Capt Vinil Gupta and Mr. Murdo instilling the level of confidence in me with all those months of training at GMA. I would strongly recommend every one of you reading this feedback to train for your exam preps with GMA. However easy or difficult the questions may appear to be, it all boils down to your confidence in answering them.





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