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0900 4th July 2013

Examiner Capt. Carlisle (from Belfast)


The examiner invited me to the examination room at about ten past nine, he informed me that I would be examined for Chief Mate unlimited and Master 3,000t; he would indicate which rank was relevant when asking the question.

Started by asking which route I was currently working on, any specifics I could tell him regarding operational problems encountered; this led to a general discussion about my vessels route and the effect of wind direction when berthing etc.

Moved on from this by announcing, you are now the mate on a 3000t vessel loading in the UK for a Mediterranean port.

• How would you do a Passage Plan for the voyage?

• Tell me about ECDIS, what are the limitations of ECDIS?

• Tell me about RADAR, you are preparing for departure?

• Performance Monitor?

• Tell me about Sea Stabilised, Ground Stabilised?

• Doppler Log?

• Tell me about AIS, what do you think about AIS, does it have any disadvantages?

• Your vessel is preparing to take bunkers, what would the procedures be?

• Tell me about SOPEP?

• Preparations for sailing what are they?

• What is critical equipment, how can you ascertain what is critical or not, where do you draw the line?

• Set up three models in line alongside, indicated the middle one and said; anything you want me to tell you about it? (I asked type of propulsion. Single screw RH fixed pitch)

• Put down indication for wind and current, how would you let go and take the ship away?

• In the same situation, how would you manoeuver your own ship? (twin screw & bow-thrust)

• The ship is now 20,000 t and you are to load steel coils, tell me about the cargo, documentation, precautions, what you would do in anticipation of heavy weather, how could the weight of cargo affect the ship in heavy weather?

• After departure you realise that the crew are suffering from fatigue what could you do what would you do?

• DPA?

• A sailor comes to you complaining about the food what would you do?

• You carry out an inspection of the ship, what would you be looking for in crew accommodation?

• MLC 2006?

• You are at sea and observe that there is a badly chafed fall on the lifeboat davit, how would you go about changing it?

• Risk Assessment?

• Your 3rd mate is first trip, how would you advise and monitor him?

• You are now in the N Atlantic on a container ship, severe weather and boxes lost overboard what would be your actions? (Remembered although I did not refer to it, an incident a few years ago when a German box boat lost about half her deck cargo and developed a severe list)

• Restricted visibility: built a plot with magnets, action? (the layout was large so the fact that I was the overtaking vessel with the target on my Starboard bow was fairly obvious. As an indication of size the WO was about 30cm and WA about 25cm)

No buoys, No smarties. I do get the impression from other examinations and referring to past papers that Glasgow examiners tend to have a love affair with smarty boards and buoys; more so than other centres. Any way I was quite relieved to have had what I felt was a very practical and pertinent to reality examination.

Captain Carlisle was the thorough gentleman throughout, after giving me the stamped NOE with congratulations, sat and had a relaxed general chat for five to ten minutes.

Ronnie Nicolson



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