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Date - Thursday 6th June 2013

Place – Glasgow

Time - 40mins

Candidate - Onzie Buchan, Offshore

Examiner – Capt. Raman Bala

Result - Passed


Capt. Bala was running late, and he came out to meet me in reception 20 mins after my appointment time.

Once inside the room, he made me feel at ease by mentioning the weather, the nearby airport and insisting that I have a drink of water.


He asked for my passport, discharge book and NOE.

He asked what type of vessels I’d been on during my working life, and sea areas I’d worked.

He was keen to hear about the Caspian Sea where I currently work, asking questions such as work opportunities and which companies were working there.

He then started to ask the exam questions which I thought were all based on real working life experiances.


• What MARPOL Chapter 1 was about?

• Bunkering checklists, and procedures.

• This lead onto SOPEP , with details of the plan, and the contents of the locker.

• He then asked if a fuel fire could be extinguished with water?

• What other media could be used.

• He then asked me to explain the procedure of fire fighting an engine room fire that had gotten out of control. I tried to explain both for a vessel ashore and at sea.

• What documentation we kept onboard for loose gear?

• Lifting register?

• Colour coding lifting equipment, why?

• Crane maintenance?

• General planned maintenance onboard?

• How it was maintained onboard?

• Other duties I had onboard?

• What my duties were with regards to stability?

• What damage stability info we had onboard?

• Then he took out a A4 folder containing images of lights. Smarty board. About 4 or 5, nothing strange.

• He handed me a ship model and giving me a current and wind, asked me to show him how I would come to anchor using a running moor, describing all my actions with regard to radio commands and engine orders.

• Then ship models with 3 or 4 situations.

• He then asked 4 or 5 TSS situations., including SV, FV, CBD.

• 7 or 8 buoys finished off the exam


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