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Name of Student : Pawandeep Singh Malhari

Name of Surveyor : Capt. G.Fletcher

Date : 20th June 2013

Duration : 50 minutes


 MAGNETIC COMPASS – Explain everything about magnetic compass, what is bowl made up?, back of deviation card ?

 Hydrometer – how will you take reading and why ?

 Sextant – 3rd Error .Parallelism

 PAB – Pressure and what correction you will apply ? Why you add?


 Passage on ECDIS.

 ECDIS Limitation.

 Risk Assessment.

 Responsibility of 3rd officer under ISM.

 Duty Engineer calls bridge and ask you if he can “Discharge Bilge in North Sea”.

 Emergency Towing Arrangement requirement.

 You are in Area A3 and receive a DSC distress .

 You are in CCR at 0200 hrs discharging cargo and hear fire alarm.

 You are arriving port, what all checks you will do on deck (tanker).

 How will you test high level alarm.

 What type of foam you had on your 1st ship – High or Low Expansion.

 Explain Running & Standing moor (with ships model ).

 Liferaft requirement on your last ship.( my last ship was RO.RO/PAX ship )

 HRU – explain all the part and tie a bowline.

 What all equipment are fitted with HRU.


 East Cardinal .

 STBD hand lateral mark – Region A .

 Port hand lateral mark - Region B .

 Safe water mark and where you will find this buoy .

 Emergency Wreck-Marking Buoy .


 Tug & Tow Port Side.

 Tug & tow Ram Port Side.

 PDV Stbd/Port Side.

 Where can a fishing fish in a TSS.

 Day shape for RAM & min. Dia

 sailing vessel crossing tss


 He placed O to A and then asked me to place W , make Crossing Situation.

 Vessel overtaking Stbd Quarter .


 Fishing vessel with purse seine gear.

 Nuc stopped or at anchor

 Towing Vessel more than 50 mtr

 Mine Clearance


Then he said you passed and signed/stamped my NOE. Ask my future plan and wished me luck.

Special thanks to Capt.V.Gupta Sir and Capt.M.Murdo



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