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13:15 - 14:15

Mate <3000GT

Captain Fletcher taking the exam.

Result - pass

My exam wasn't due to start till 13:30 but I was in the waiting room at 13:10 and he just came out and got me straight away.

Exchanged documents and had a chat about my boat/company and GMA.

Started off with Magnetic compass......Name all the parts and what they correct for?

Ecdis passage planning. After a few points in the 'appraisal stage' this was more like a discussion about the Ecdis we have on board my vessel as he wanted to know about it and seemed interested.

He asked if I was aware of LOLER and PUWER and this led onto crane testing and annual inspections. How often? Can I do annual certified inspections?

Lifting register and cargo securing manual....what is in both?

Loadline often? When does cert expire? What things are checked? What is chalk testing?

How do we carry out risk assessment with Farstad?

How do we go about taking a heavy lift on board? What is the rule of thumb for cargo lashing?

ISM responsibilities as mate??

PMS on did it work? I included critical PMS in my answer which he seemed happy about and we discussed critical PMS.....Definition, what critical equipment we have on board, list of spares etc.

MLC 2006 what is it?? I had been dying for him to ask me this as I had an absolutely beautiful answer ready........I got 4 sentences in and he told me 'I've heard enough,,,you clearly know what it is, I don't need to hear the rest' was almost begging him to let me finish haha.

Ballast management plan...what's in it? Records made in Ballast record book? Is it part of Marpol?

How does Marpol V affect me? Discharge criteria?? Entries in GRB and what is in GMP?

How does annex 1 affect me? Discharge criteria inside and outside special areas? What equipment we have on board? This ended up in a general discussion about the equipment on board. SOPEP?? What's in it?

Critical period at dry dock....tell me about it? He wanted from start to finish and 'P' force and what it is etc and what happens to GM and so on.

Fire in port at 2am, cargo ops ongoing and I am snoozing in my comfy new Mate's cabin.....action?

DOS what is it?? Do we include rigs in our last ten ports??

He gave me a handfull of buoys of which all were straight forward. One at a time and to give him top mark, light and how you would pass it.

Me PDV with CBD crossing port to stbd who is responsible??

Now made me RAM and same CBD crossing who was responsible and why?

1 x smarty board....Dredger under way and stopped or at anchor with safe side/dangerous side. He asked me what it was and by the time I had got to 'no indication of length' he interrupted me and went onto rule 19.

Rule 19.....

3 plots at same time.

1 x port bow doing same course and speed

1 x just forward of my stbd beam crossing port to stbd.

1 x just abaft my stbd beam overtaking me

He asked my actions, then he asked what the one on my port bow was doing (same course/speed).

He then asked me what I would do if I was on all the other boats individually.

Be aware....all the plots were COMPLETELY different colours (yellow,purple,red,green,blue and so on) so i had to go through it a hundred times and I must have confirmed WO and WA with him about a million times.

Big thanks to all at GMA including all the guys in the class.

Peace out :-)


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