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Captain Fletcher

26.07.2013 1305 to 1350


He started checking all my documents and asking me about the ship I work on, who took me for my mates orals (him) and had a lttle chit chat.

Straight over to compass and describing a tentative swing

Preparing my ship for an ISM audit? and implementing ISM onboard?

Addresses on SMC/DOC are different, actions?

Missing a sequential number on the CSR, actions?

Passage planning on ECDIS?

Limitations of ECDIS?

MLC 2006 what is it? what is it about? does it change much on your ship?

Signing on crew,an officer joins my Roro passenger ship, certificates to check? Deck rating certificates to check?

Is a foreign ENG1 valid on a British ship? What to do if someone joined without a valid medical certificate

Definition of a NC and a MNC

Bunkering wihout completed checklist. Actions? He then had a discussion with me for five minutes about this and whether it would be a NC or a MNC he asked me my thoughts on it.

On a transatlantic passage and heavy weather is forecast, actions as Master?

My vessel has sustained damage in the heavy weather, actions in the next port? who would i call?

Role of P&I club? what do P&I cover, and not cover? who was the P&I club on your last ship?

Obligatory reports as per SOLAS V reg32

Your passenger ferry is aground, actions?

Procedures onboard with regard to fire alarms on the fire panel on the bridge, would the 2/0 set off general emergency alarm for one fire detector head going off? two fire heads? Crew call alarm.

Fire on the vehicle deck, actions as master? dangers of using the drencher system?

Fishing vessel in distress in force 8 in irish sea, actions? said i would not launch the FRC but provide as much assistance as i could

Youve got a stowaway onboard your last vessel, actions?

A selection of buoys, nothing to taxing not even any preferred channel marks

Restricted vis plots, three in total, one of which did not have risk of collision

2/O calls you to bridge for a port side charlie, actions when you get to the bridge? would you take the con? I said the 2/O actions were by the book so far so i would ask him his intentions and if i agreed i would let the 2/O keep the con. he seemed very happy with this.

He said i now come on the bridge to find the 3/O altering to port for a vessel on port side , actions as master?

Couple of easy ROR TSS scenarios

The last scenario he gave me was me on my ferry crossing a TSS with a vessel on my port side, he kept pushing me to alter course for him as i was a ferry and it would be easier as there was a lot of traffic around him in the traffic lane, he kept pushing me and pushing me to alter course when i was the stand on vessel.  

Fletcher was fair and prompted me when i was unsure, he said i was not up to scratch on the role of P&I clubs but he said that should not prevent me from doing the master job and so you have passed. I got no ship handling and no weather

I asnwered all the questions very quickly, and so the questions just kept coming and coiming if i was to do it agian i would slow myself down when answering. But Vinil and murdo at GMA prepared me very well


I would like to thank all the drinking establishments in the west end of glasgow for keeping me in beer gardens when i should of been studying









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