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Sanyyam Sood

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DATE : 02nd Aug 2013

TIME : (1030 – 1120) HOURS

ATTEMPT : 2nd Attempt (Result - Pass)

SURVEYOR : Capt. Fletcher

Vessels sailed on : Product / Chemical Tankers


Reached MCA building at 1000 hrs entered at 1015. I was made to sit and wait for 15 min. and exactly at 1030 Capt. Fletcher came to receive me and guided to the exam room. He told me as its ur 2nd attempt you must be familiar with the rules around here. He then made started with the orals:


I. Magnetic Compass - He called me at the magnetic compass and asked me to state all its parts and there use

He asked me what all things are there in the bowl (Apart from wet card, liquid ie alcohol and water he also wants to hear ONE RING MAGNET is there and its use)



I. GPS – Errors of GPS


3) In instruments he didn’t asked anything else and proceeded towards GENERAL:

I. You are in port and you have a fire on board. Actions?

II. As per SOLAS what is the requirement for liferafts as in how many persons it can carry

III. How many liferafts did your last ship had and did you had a forward liferaft and whats the requirement for a forward liferaft

IV. Checks to be made on lifeboats, use of FPD and what type of FPD did you had on your last ship’s lifeboat

V. How will you go about SAR (Seach and rescue) operation


4) ROR:

I. Definition – vessel engaged in fishing and difference between a fishing vessel and a vessel engaged in fishing. If fishing vessel doesn’t has day shape ie 2 cones apex meeting together then is it a PDV?

II. Summary of Rules – 6, 7, 8, 13, 17 and 18

III. Restricted visibility – 1 target on port bow having same course and speed (no risk of collision), another target on starboard bow and another target on starboard quarter he asked my action then he asked about all other vessels what action will each one of those take [If concept about RV is clear its pretty simple, he asks one by one]

IV. Situations:

i. You am a tanker (PDV) and there is a RAM tug and tow(Length of vessel > 50m, length of tow > 200m) on the port bow, action?

ii. You have a vessel exactly at 2 points abaft my beam on starboard quarter, action?

iii. You have a ferry on your starboard bow, action?

iv. You are CBD and there is a fishing vessel on your port bow, action?

v. A sailing vessel os overtaking a FV, who is give way and vice versa

V. Lights (Identify which vessel, size, nav. status, day shape, fog signal, aspect and action):

i. Dredger

ii. Trawler nets fast upon an obstruction

iii. RAM tug and tow


I might have missed a few situations and lights but this was it. Then he took my NOE and told me “Mr. Sood, I am satisfied with your answers, you have passed” He stamped my NOE, wished me luck

Guys there is no leeway in ROR or instruments make sure you know them well and do them from GMA (Capt. Vinil Gupta)



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