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Arun Dinesan
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Date : 7th Aug 2013

Examiner: Cap. Bill Bennet

Duration: Approx 1 H 15 M

Result: Passed

Name: Arun Dinesan

I have only experience in Container vessels. But he asked me all questions based on Coal Asked Identity and checked passport and CDC Said you are the Master on board a ship which is 2999.99 GT


1. You are taking over command as a Master. How do you do that?

2. What Certificates you Check?

3. You have taken over; a PSC inspector came on board. How he will carry out inspection?

4. Detail Paris MoU

5. You have to load Coal. What are the precautions you take and what are the dangerous associated with it?

6. You are in Rotterdam and next port is Montreal. What instructions you give your second mate for passage planning?

7. What is a depression? What are the meteorological changes you expect when passing a depression in north Atlantic?

8. How does a TRS occur?

9. While your passage to Montreal what care you take for your cargo (Coal)?

10. Asked me what are the instruments you carry on board to find Meteorological changes? (He asked this may be because I didn’t do well with changes while approaching depression)

11. While I was mentioning the instruments he stopped me on Hygrometer asked me how do u take reading on Hygrometer? What do u gets from Hygrometer?

12. With the dew point obtained from Hygrometer how do you find Humidity?

13. Where do u find the table for finding Humidity (which publication)?

14. On your voyage your second mate called you and said your ship is aground. You were sleeping when u got the call. Your actions??

15. The tide is not sufficient even after lightning your vessel to refloat. How do you refloat?

16. All procedures for salvaging? This part didn’t go well with me.

17. Now he asked me the preparations for dry-docking as a Chief mate on your last Container vessel.

18. What is P force? What are the calculations involved in finding P Force?

19. What is GZ Curve? What information you get from a GZ curve?

20. What are the contents of Stability Booklet?

Now he said, you are a Master again on the same ship, which you were on before

21. Made a narrow channel on the table and kept a vessel at the entrance of the channel. Asked me how do you approach the channel? What Rule 9 says?

22. Kept another vessel coming down how do you pass each other? (Interaction)

Restricted Visibility :

23. Cleared narrow channel he made on the table and he said now you got a call from OOW saying visibility reduced. What is your Action? What Rule 19 says? When I mentioned Fog signals he asked me what fog signal you sound?

24. Now you are on the bridge your second mate observed a target on your Stbd quarter. The Radar setting is H Up Relative motion. What will you tell him?

25. Finally when I said, I will ask the second mate to complete the plot he gave me a magnet and asked me to keep ‘w’ in relation to own ships heading.

26. What Rule 19 says about actions required on Restricted Visibility?


27. PDV in TSS crossing from Port

28. PDV crossing from Stbd

29. PDV overtaking from Stbd quarter

30. PDV overtaking from Port quarter Lights

31. NUC making way

32. NUC Stopped

33. RAM. What this vessel could be doing??(Normal RAM vessel)

34. Pilot vessel making way

35. Fishing vessel gear extending more than 150m

36. Tug and tow (RAM, towing vessel less than 50m in length, length of tow less than 200m)

37. He added an extra Mast head light on the foremast in the above situation and asked the day signal

38. Vessel aground


39. Kept a safe watermark buoy on the table and asked what buoy is it? Light characteristics? What is isotheres means?

40. South Cardinal buoy? Identify? Light characteristics? Where the safe water lies?

41. Region a port hand mark. Identify? Light characteristics? Which side you pass? You don’t know which way is the general direction. Which side you keep the buoy?

Thanks to the Team GMA for the great guidence provided.

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