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Ananth Karthik

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Date : 8th Aug 2013

Examiner: Capt. Simon Alliston

Duration: Approx 1 H 15 M

Result: Passed

Name: Ananth Karthik Jayakrishnan


Type of Ships: Oil / Chem Tankers.


Capt. Simon Alliston is very clear and direct with his question and clarifies the question if not understood. He also says the same prior to commencing the oral examination. He offers you a sheet of paper and a pencil and says you may use it should you feel the necessity to do so. He asked me about a brief history of my previous experiences and then asked how my written papers went. There after I felt at ease and commenced the oral examination.


Following questions asked.

1) Asked me about my last ship and asked me to describe the cargo system it had and the type of LSA and FFA equipments fixed and portable used.


2) You are on a ballast voyage from West Africa to Northern Europe. How would you go about carrying out a tank cleaning operation through the voyage and what other considerations would you have to take into account?


3) Discharge criteria under MARPOL wrt. Tank cleaning for my type of ship. ie. Annex 1 and Annex 2 cargoes.


4) What does the Ballast water management plan contain?

What are the various types of Ballast exchange that you have. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?


5) What does the Oil / cargo record book entries contain?


I was then put as a chief officer on RORO ferry and freight carrier and asked the following questions.

6) How would you go about loading a RORO ferry and freight carrier?


7) What are the statutory inspection/testing of lifting appliances including personnel carrying


8) What does the Cargo Securing Manual and Register of lifting appliances contain?


9) On UK flagged ships what is the requirement to have a safety official and safety committee?


10) What are the duties of a Safety Official? Who are safety representatives?


11) Your vessel is due for an ISM renewal audit. How will you go about preparing for a ISM Audit.


12) Your vessel is under way and as C/O you carrying out safety round and find that a container that you pass is HOT. What are you actions? How would you go about fighting the fire.

13) You are now conducting you Nav. Watch 4 - 8 and receive a DSC HF distress message 300 NM away. What are your actions?


14) The master is on the bridge, you have run 18 Hrs into the voyage towards the Distress craft. The MRCC informs you that you are the OSC. What are your actions as C/O?


The following ship handling; I was put on a coaster of less than 3000 GT.

15) Puts the model of a vessel in a channel with tide / current behind and the wind on my Stbd QTR. He then tells me you are to anchor the vessel. You have the option to either use running moor or standing moor which ever you prefer.



16) Explain Rule 7


17) Can a TSS be in a Narrow Channel and vice versa??


18) Can are the considerations must you take when navigating in Restricted Visibility?


19) Then puts 3 Blips on my Stbd Qtr and asks me what each blip means. Then as me what is missing (W)? Where will you put it (W)?

20) TSS:

Puts me on a PDV following a lane and then puts a vessel on my port bow and then Stbs bow.

Own vessel PDV following the traffic lane: Puts a FV in the separation Zone actions

Own vessel PDV following the traffic lane: Puts a SV crossing ahead on port bow. Actions?? (he is looking to see your understanding of safe passage)

Own vessel CBD following the traffic lane: Puts the same SV crossing ahead on port bow. Actions??


Own vessel CBD following the traffic lane: Puts a SV ahead of me following the general direction of traffic flow ahead of me. What are your actions and also Justify your actions.


21) Buoys: Own vessel out bound throughout all region A

Puts the buoy one by one and then asks me to take actions accordingly. He didn’t want me to describe the buoy.

i) Port hand lateral / Stbd Hand Lateral mark.

ii) Preferred channel Port / Stbd. Own vessel coming on main channel.

iii) South Cardinal Buoy. Own vessel heading west. Actions?

iv) Isolated Danger Mark. Which side will you keep it?


22) Light Recognitions on smarty board. He was interested in listening to the action needed to be taken.

i) SV seen from port side.

ii) SV with her optional all round lights seen from port side.

ii) FV underway and stopped or at anchor / then underway.

iii) FV underway and stopped or at anchor extending her gear./ Then asked me what else it can be? (FV seen from astern. All round lights are off centered.)

iv) A vessel engaged in pushing 2 vessels ahead of it.

v) CBD seen from the port side.

My thanks to all who have helped me through. 


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