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Asharaf.C.M / Master’s Unlimited

Type of the Vessel : Bulk carriers

Examiner : Captain Fletcher

09th Aug ’13 09:10 – 09:50 Hrs

Result : Pass

1) Tentative swing – Magnetic compass

2) Passage plan using ECDIS, Advise to 2nd mate while making P’Plan

3) Precaution, how and to tackle Heavy Wx, ice accretion during the passage from Canada to China with loaded Grain cargo

4) Grain loading regulations, info in Gz curve

5) Improvement notice, prohibition notice – explain with example

6) Fire – In Laundry at port while cargo ops In progress

7) NIR, 72 hrs report to Paris mou and what is extended inspection , what is HRS, SRS and LRS

8) MLC 2006, just few important points – he moved to next subject

9) Signing on Indian 2nd Off n Pilipino AB

10) Isps –when u issue of DOS

11) Ballast water exchange – precautions , Details D1 &D2

12) Master’s obligatory reports – how u inform near by vessels (by all available means – VHF Radio, VHF & MF DSC and RT 2182 KHZ)

13) U r in area A3him and receives a May day call on VHF – what u do (Proceed for help with full speed, ack distress message, Establish distress communication with vsl in distress, obtain all info which might facilitate rescue, if vsl in distress not in a position transmit distress message any frequency other than VHF, Self inform nearest rcc by using phone or email, obtain rcc contact details from AL RS Vol 5 and keep in touch with them and update them while SAR in progress)

14) Fishing vessel in distress – force 9 , proceed for help and carry out rescue (Explained with the help of real incident, where my last vessel involved in a rescue operation in same WX condition and how we managed to save the crew members and their expensive Sailing boat – lowered life buoy , which is made fast to a strong rope and allowed it float towards the boat – supported brilliant maneuvers by master. Sailing vessel crew picked up the life buoy with a hook and the rope tied up with their boat, heaved the boat by using mooring winch brought the boat along side, used gangway net and pilot ladder and allowed the boat crew board vsl. Sailing boat (They lost its engine n steering – entire operations took 8 hrs) towed and off Durban, Port safety officials boarded the vsl, completed formalities n took the rescued crew members and their boat away . Own vsl was calling Durban for Bunkers .

15) Additional safety measures for bulk carriers (stopped on completing info about WIAS), why it is provided

16) Panmax vessel, simulation deep water anchoring with 2 knots current and wind force 3-4 (Stem the tide, keep both anchors ready, try out engine, check the heading of other vsls in anchorage, use the Wx anchor, walk back all the way )

17) ROR.

a) TSS, Tug n tow crossing port to stbd

b) TSS CBD – F.V crossing stbd to port - (Explanation 18 d -1)

c) TSS Sailing vsl crossing Port to Stbd

d) TSS F.V. Crossing Port to stbd ( Can she fish in separation zone, explanation – Rule 10 I, – e-ii)

e) Open sea ferry overtaking , then she is crossing from stbd to port – action - (explanation Rule 13 d)


f) Port and stbd hnd buoy region A & B

g) Prefered channel to stbd region A , How to pass – against flow

h) South and east cardinal marks identification, how to pass in various heading

Captain Fletcher is very practical and he will appreciate if you gave something from ur own experience, as u see the question were fairly straightforward with no real surprises, please gave him answers in a simple and uncomplicated way , so he will not create any situation which you feel hard

THANKS TO DEAR GURUJI, CAPTAIN VINIL GUPTA , Appreciate him for his outstanding teaching skills, his brilliant presentations which made even hardest subject easily understandable.

Again Thanks my dear friends ANDRES N SAM for all the support

Best of luck guys


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