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Jonathan Irvine

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Name  - Jonathan Irvine

Company - Zodiac

Ship - Bulk Carrier / Container 

Exam - 6 Sept 2013 10.50 - 11.50

Examier - Capt. Kaiser Ali

Result - PASS

I arrived at the exam at 10.05 and waited until 10.30 and Capt. Ali came out and said he would be 5 minutes. I got called into the exam room around 10.50. 

Sextant - Reading, tell me what screw you would adjust for the second correctible error

You go out to the bridge wing and notice the E.P.I.R.B has been activated actions.

LSA & FFA on last ship

Daily checks of GMDSS

How would you set up the radar Ground Stabilized or Sea Stabilized 

How would you keep a port watch

Who is responsible for the lashing gang onboard

Tell me about the appraisal stage 

What is a Risk Assessment - Where would you find information on Risk Assessment

Permit to work

Limitations of GPS

Limitations of ECDIS

Signs of TRS

What is Durinal Variation By how much would you expect the pressure to drop for a TRS to be in the vicinity

How would you know if your chart was up to date

How would you know if your ecdis was up to date

DOS when would it be exchanged

Where would you find information of how to conduct a Navigational Watch

SMS regarding 3rd Officer

Safety Officer Duties

What is Scanty Radar Information

Would you use it AIS would you use it for navigation

What would you find on your deviation card

What does Rule 19 Say ?


TSS - PDV crossing from stbd

Tug and Tow crossing from port you are PDV

Ram Tug & Tow crossing from Port you are PDV

Ram Tug & Tow crossing from port you are CBD

I never got any rule 19 plots and only got 3 buoys.

He then told me I can relax as I had passed :). I still cant believe I done it ! If you work hard and learn the stuff you will pass !.Capt Ali was very nice and never put me under pressure and told me to take as much time as I needed so think it other 10times before you answer him. Many Thanks to Vinil and everyone at GMA the notes truly made me pass today. I will add stuff as I remember it.

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Jonathan Irvine

Posts: 2
If kaiser Ali asks you what rules apply in restricted visiblity don't forget to mention rule 35 he is looking for you too say this along with 1-10 and 19 with reference to 13.
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