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Shailesh Kumar Rawat
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Shailesh Rawat –Containers Ships Only

Examiner: Capt.A.G.Milner

25th Sep 2013 : 1040 hrs – 1240 hrs , 1st Attempt -Pass

Questions as follows:

1. Explain Parts of Magnetic Compass, Explain function of soft iron correctors.

2. How to Split Coefficient B. Heeling Error (when does it occur and how will you observe it) .

3. Preparations and how to go about doing tentative swing.

4. Crew joining (Officers and ratings).What all documents to check .Document to check specifically with regds to MLC 2006 (Seafarer Employment Agreement)

5. Explain all about MLC 2006(Structure of Regulation and code i.e. 5 Titles and their contents).

6. How will you go about doing Master’s accommodation inspection (Specific check’s with regards to refrigerated chambers, he wants to hear cooked and uncooked food should not be kept together which could result in bacteria growth).Where will you get guidance on pest control.

7. Duties of SSO.

8. Showed me picture of MOL Comfort (Vsl which broke in two halves, Arabian sea recently), as a Master what will you do.

9. How to deal with structural damages especially cracks in the tanks,due to high longitudinal stresses on container ships.

10. Container’s goes overboard in heavy weather, action.

11. Cargo spillage on deck from IMDG container ,action.

12. Fire in cargo hold , action,led to injecting CO2 , how and when will you make re-entry in the hold to check .

13. Ship Handling : Vsl stbd side alongside ,unberth, current 3 kts from stern , wind force 4 about 4 pts on port bow

14. Danger’s associated with Bulk Cargo. Publication to refer . Info required from shipper ,emphasized a lot on transportable moisture limit and moisture contents ,also asked me onboard how will you go about checking moisture content of cargo.

15. New Mate asking for cargowork related advice on bulk carrier . How will you go about giving the same .

16. RoR situations , nothing special all routine situations asked in exams.

17.Buoyage - North Cardinal ,West Cardinal, Region B Stbd Hand Mark, Region A Port hand Mark , Region A Preferred Channel to port ,Isolated Danger mark , Safe Water Mark (One at a time all the info ,which side to Pass)

18. Smarty Board – Almost all types of vessel’s were asked ( at times lights with several possibilities e.g single white light and others)

19. Explain Rule 8 and Rule 19 in own words.

20. To my surprise last question of exam was a repeat-Dangers associated with Bulk Cargo.

21. Understanding of bridge team under pilotage.

22. Validity of certificate of registry.

23.Several restricted visibility plots – one at a time


Above mentioned are the questions I was asked,it could be possible that I may have missed out few and they might not be in order questions were asked.


Capt Milner wants to hear full answer , he don’t interrupt you in between (most of the times). He was prompting me in between if something was missing from answers.


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