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Examiner: Capt Simon Alletson

Candidate Name: Neeraj Kaushal

Date/time:O2 oct 2013 @ 1515 to 1650 hrs

Result-PASS(1st Attempt)

Type of V/l-VLCC


Capt Simon makes it very clear in begining that your answers have to be like Masters and if question not understood/clear to you he ll re-pharse the question.




1-You have to join as Master how you go about it... start from the start??

While answering he asked now outgoing Master says everything fine on ship and you are seeing that safe access,

security at gangway and manifold drip tray full of oil and rusted what you ll do ??


2-As a Master how you ll go about planing a voyage from persian gulf to North west Europe?

when i mention Security than he asked me how you go abt signing on security team ?whats the procedure when they come on board? and who has the overall authority of the security of ship? can they use force/weapons? who is responsible?


3-You are sleeping in your cabin and at 2 am you hear sudden vibration and speed reducing what will be your action?(v/l Aground)

in same question he asked that your v/l has sustained rudder, propller and hull damage what all certificates will be effected

your v/l is not in imminent danger what will be your action (towage)


4-Whats the port of refuge procedures as mastesr?Who all you as Master expect when the v/l is at port of refuge?


5-Chief cook reports that Steward is missing?Actions?

6-After intial action you come to know that he's last seen 2000 hrs and now it is next day morning 0600hrs actions?

7-As a Master for how long you ll search for missing steward?

8-who all you ll report of missing persons in this he was looking for Consulate/high commision of the nationality of the person?

9-what u ll do with the stewards belongings?

10-Berthing to stbd side tide astern and offshore wind force 4(i had to snub around and stem the tide)

11-Smarty board

Pdv seen form port side(the light he made was very confusing as both mast head lights were very close with hardly any vertical spacing and red light just little offcentred)

Mine clearance V/L

pilot v/l at anchor

fishing v/l gear extending more that 150 Mtrs

Dredger making way




1-pdv crossing for port side

2-pdv crossing from stbd side and a V/l engage in fishing on stbd qtr

3-own v/l in tss and in a bouyed channel pdv crossing from stbd side




1-HE placed model abt one point on my port side and sailng v/l, 2 points on stbd side Risk of collision with PDV

2-V/l anchored right ahead what rules applies in this situations?



1-What You expect your duty officer to do when approaching RV

2-one v/l plot on port bow and another on stbd beam doing same course and same speed?



1-He placed 5 bouys in a line gave me north, against the direction


Special mark (can shape)

preferred channel to stbd

port hand lateral mark

isolated danger mark

north cardinal mark


He does not want snake manouvre instead asked me to leave buoys on port or stbd


Thats it!!! He shook hand with me and said Congratulations. Capt Simon is thorough Gentleman and in ROR he's not looking for your actions only but a thorough understaning and application of the rules.Once i made him understand the ROR situation ,he was not keen to wait for the Action and he was moving on to the next situation.


Thanks to all my classmates for there inputs and Special thanks to Capt Vinil as his classes are learning with fun!! I must say he has Great Teaching skills.


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