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Date : 7th October'13

Place : Leith marine office

Examiner : Capt. Miller

at 3.15pm i was called in and he took my all papers, then he noted on a piece of paper what type of ships i did.


HYDROMETER: he showed it to me and asked me how will you check error in it and how do you use it, then gave me a beaker and told me to check the reading of the hydrometer.

STEVENSON SCREEN : asked me what it is used for,  he asked me where it was installed in you ship, i told him bth sides of bridge deck, so he asked me which side you will use to take reading windward or leeward? its windward. and then how can you predict fof from dry and wet bulb.

SEXTANT : asked me about all three adjustable errors and how to correct them, then asked me how do you take a sight.

AZIMUTH RING : whats the arrow used for ? and how do you check error in prism.


dangers of loading grain

dangers of loading coal

dangers of liquification of cargo

pilot ladder arrangement when you ship is in ballast.

how will you take over a cargo watch

helicopter arrangements

use of deck seal

as oow on bridge, you see smoke coming out of the crane. actions ??

steering failure emergency


explain rule 6 and 8

pdv on port crossing 

pdv on starboard crossing

pdv overtaking from starboard quarter

fv on port bow

sailing vessel on port bow

and few tss situations


explain the rule

and the he gave few situations on it


he made all four directions north east west south on a paper and was placing bouys and randomly changing thr directions.

then asked me the topmark, light and rhytm of emergency wreck bouy, safe water mark and islolated danger mark


anchored vessel probably more then 50m 

nuc stopped

ram stopped

vessel engaged in underwater operations

tug and tow

fv making way

pilot boat making way

trawler nets fast upon obstruction

aground vessel 

In the end he asked me to tie a bowline know

and said you hav passed, he was a very good examiner who islooking for your general knowledge on the ship and helps you as well by giving small hints. best of luck to everyone and i hope it comes in help for others.

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