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Date of examination : 09/OCT/2013

Time : 1030 HRS

Surveyor : Capt. Kaiser Ali

Duration : 55 minutes

Result : Pass

I reached the MCA Paisley at 1000 hrs and was waiting for my turn,  at about 1015 hrs Mr. Kaiser Ali gave me the paper to write DG DOCUMENT REQUIREMENT and REPORTING PROCEDURE.

At 1025 He brought me into the Examination Room and asked me to return that paper and then he asked to see my Passport,CDC and my previous COC, as i have already sailed as a II mate before,he asked me about the last ship/company and also about its CREW, NATIONALITY , CARGO CARRIED , TRADING AREAS AND GENERAL PERTICULARS OF THE SHIP.

He introduced himself as the chief examiner at paisely MCA OFFICE, and asked me to answer all the questions as a OOW. and said donnot consider or presume anything by yourself untill specifically told upon, and said take your own to think before answering and ask the question again if not understood.

He said lets start with COLREGS....

Smarty Boat... identify, size, nav status, day shape and fog signal

NUC stopped

Trawler engaged in Hauling very care full he puts a pilot vessel lights instead of hauling lights

Pilot vessel seen from stern


Asked me to draw TUG more than 50 mts AND TOW more than 200 mts, what lights it will display / day shapes / arc of visibility of tow light and mast lights

NUC making way lights 


I am on CBD.......what dayshape?........what light she show and arc of light?

TUG AND TOW less than 200 mts crossing from port side

TUG AND TOW more than 200 mts crossing from port side

He asked me about RAM

what day shape?

what is the space between them?

which light show and arc of light?

RAM crossing from port side less than 200 mtrs

Fishing vessel with/with out day shape crossing from port side


Asked me what we should not do in RIS VIS and which rules to be applied in RIS VIS ?

Complete the plot, vessel on port bow  crossing.

same plot, he placed me on the crossing vessel and asked for action.

Make a plot fwd. of the beam which i can go to port for.?

make a plot same course and same speed, ahead of me?


Placed 7 diffrent bouys on the table and asked me to manouver between them. (mixed regions)

Isolated danger - prefered channel PORT - West cardinal - Stdb. hand latrel (B) - East cardinal - Port bouy (A) - Safe water mark

Told me not to stop inbetween, take your time before starting and asked to complete it in one go


1) How to keep a safe navigational watch ? what factors to be considered? where would i get the info from?

2) Preprations for FOG? what factors to be considered?  (Donot say elephant ears unless ur from passenger ship)

3) In Apprisal stage what other docs. requried other than charts and pubs?

4) what is wheel over point? what factors to be considered before marking it?

5) Equipments on the bridge of last vessel?

6) limitations of ECDIS / RADAR ? Main factor to be considered before setting up RADAR? 

7) Why dont we use AIS for navigation?


Sextant : how to take INDEX ERROR ?  Gave me a reading to read ? (54 59 00) on the arc

Hygrometer : what it is used for ? what happens if both wet and dry bulb show same temp ? what would you do with the ventilation if dry and                                wet are same ? have i ever predicted fog on board ?


8. What is Backing wind?

9) Pressure falling wind NH?

10) You have sailed mostly near the tropics, what are the signs of TRS, what precaution you will do, only my duties?

11) What is DOS? Asked me the contents of it ? When would you exchane it ?

12) How does ISM help you as a officer onboard? what certificates requried by ship? 

13) What is SSAS?....where we use this......manually or automatically operated?

14) Who is your safety officer on your last ship? What are the requirement of safety officer? What is the duty of safety officer?

15) What is permit to work? validity of it ?

16) LSA/FFA equipment on the last ship? What is the requirement of LSA maintenance?

17) What is the procedure under SOLAS of 3 monthly boat drill? How would you go about the drill?

18) Tests on libeboat ? monthly / anually / 5 yearly 

19) Minimum Requirement of LIfe Jacket? asked me are there any new ammendements?

20) Precautions to be taken while picking up pilot? ( consider your self on deck ) basically he wants to hear pilot ladder amendements?

21) Have you heard of MLC 2006? What is it ? 

22) Fire in paint store while loading cargo ? contents of fire wallet ?

23) You are first OOW in CCR, discharged the cargo, what information you get from the Ch. OFF?

24) Have you done COW ops.? Checks to be done on deck and on  IG while loading ops? What is mast raise? It is kept open or closed at                  loading?

25) What is Marpol Annex 5? there any changes in it?

26) EPIRB accidental activation ? actions ?

27) What is Ballast Management paln?

Then he said relax Mr. nalanagula, i would call it a PASS, then he wished me best of luck, and said he is only there to see our hard work, if we have done it, it clearly shows, he never heard my complete answer as soon he hears what he wants he used to shift to another question.

Mr. kaiser ali is a Gentle man, he never pressurised me, asked me to take my time and he made sure that i understood the question well, and even came back to certain questions at the end for me to answer them again.

Guys i would say go in there with confidence, like you have got nothing to loose, dont think of the result, even you have done any mistakes dont worry and carry on with your next question and answer it well. 

Many Thanks to god.

Special Thanks to Capt. Vinil Gupta, with out him this would not have been possible at all,and  to all my friends who supported me........



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